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Top Birthing Playlists To Help You In Labour

Congratulations, your bubba is about to meet the world! But what else is there left to do apart from packing your hospital bag and sorting your birth plan? Enhancing your birthing experience with some sweet tunes, that’s what. Thanks to Spotify and other music streaming platforms, expectant mums can now mix (or hit subscribe on) their very own birthing playlist to calm nerves and mark their little one’s grand entrance. Ahead, we share the best soundtracks to add to your delivery –are you ready to push it?

Pumping beats for that extra dose of motivation

Playing DJ for an exclusive mummy-and-baby party can be an uphill task – prep yourself for the intense ‘workout’ ahead with rocking hits to take your focus to the next level.

Chill tunes to mellow out

Time to ease your frazzled nerves – you may be in the delivery room instead of sipping a warm cuppa at a café, but this playlist might just fool you.

Soothing classics for extra tranquillity

There’s little chance for any shut-eye, but these classic tracks are as close to Zen as you will get during this experience.  

Upbeat tracks for uplifting vibes

Jamming out to feel-good tracks can (hopefully) be a great distraction when the contractions set in!

Tongue-in-cheek lyrics for humorous mums

Having a little chuckle can be an immense mood lifter, especially when you’re in the final stretch. Funny labour playlist staples include Salt-N-Pepa’s ‘Push It’, Kristina Cornell’s ‘When The Dam Breaks’, and ‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash.

Bonus: Created by Spotify with OB-GYN Dr. Jacques Moritz, this playlist is scientifically designed to keep you company throughout your entire birthing process. From the start of your contractions to the moment you welcome your newborn into the world, this playlist has got you covered.

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