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Wouldn’t it be lovely if your kids could have a vibrant and comfortable bedroom that they could truly call their own? It’s not just a place for them to sleep; it’s a place for them to play, study, and most importantly, create memories with the family. A new year is upon us, so this is the perfect chance to freshen up their rooms with a brand new coat of paint. However, don’t let them take the backseat when it comes to choosing the right colour, because after all, it’s meant to be an attractive expression of their personalities. With a new paint scheme, even a mundane white box can be transformed into a unique space with tons of style. But how do you know if it’s the most accommodating room colour for the apple of your eye? Now to help you understand how different shades can influence your children’s thoughts, we’ve put together a list of the best room colours to dress up those bare walls.

  1. Neutrals

    Exodus 31 Design

    Photo Source: Exodus 31 Design

    First, we go back to the basics with earthy hues – think soft pastels, beiges and greys. Since it signifies purity, this would work great on the walls of younger children. It doesn’t look too nautical, plus it serves as an unpretentious backdrop when juxtaposed against furniture pieces. If your child’s feeling adventurous, it’s also possible to inject playful pops of colours to enliven the room. Don’t worry about it looking too out of place; it’s a way to balance out the monotony!
  2. Pink

    Image Courtesy: Kitzig Design Studio Pte Ltd

    Photo source: Kitzig Design Studio Pte Ltd

    This feminine colour is always a favourite when it comes to the boudoir.If your girl is a spunky little princess, she will prefer lively swatches such as fuchsia and brilliant purple. But if she’s not so keen on an overly pink paradise, meeker versions of raspberry and lilac are attractive options as well. You can also heighten visual interest by mixing and matching the different shades on perpendicular walls.
  3. Blue

    Image Courtesy: Ultimate Interior Creation Pte Ltd

    Photo source: Ultimate Interior Creation Pte Ltd

    While blue is naturally linked to boys in general, thanks to the gentle elements of the colour, it has potential to be used for girls as well. For preschoolers, a softer sky blue would be more appropriate. For tweens, we suggest using a more vivid shade to encourage play and echo their bouncy personality. Darker shades paired with lighter shades inject a fresh vibe, and you can further spice it up with fun prints and accessories.
  4. Yellow

    Image Courtesy: 2Form Interior Design

    Photo source: 2Form Interior Design

    This cheerful, buttery colour is a popular candidate for gender-neutral walls. Though the brighter shades have the unconscious ability to brighten up a dimly lit room, the use of obnoxiously bright yellows is not encouraged as it can cause your kids to become weary at the end of the day. Go for the milder ones instead. Not only are muted hues incredibly pleasing to the eye, they evoke a hint of tranquillity so your child can be easily lured into a peaceful slumber.
  5. Green

    Image Courtesy: Chicagoize

    Photo source: Chicagoize

    Crisp and clean, green is yet another colour suitable for both boys and girls. It’s not everyday we get to see rooms decked out in this lovely shade, but it sure deserves a lot more love. The vibrancy of the colour strikes a fine balance between calm and conspicuous, which can add depth to even the blandest of rooms. In addition, this colour choice is perfect for bringing the verdant wonders indoors, which is great for nature-loving kids.