WIN! Foaming Body Wash, Moisture Milk, Cream & Gel Lotion from Curel!

A common predicament faced by sensitive-skin sufferers is finding a suitable range of products that is gentle and replenishes the moisture for their dry, sore and sensitive skin. In the search for the right moisturiser, they often face the dilemma of experimenting with various products in the sensitive skincare market to ascertain their suitability. As many with sensitive skin would know, using an unsuitable moisturiser during the product trials can cause further skin irritation, that results in a burning sensation, dry and peeling skin, or yet another nasty outburst of eczema.

The Moisture Body Care Range from Curél – Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin, – saves sensitive-skin sufferers the hassle of searching high and low for products that is gentle yet effective. Consisting of the Instant Foaming Body Wash, Moisture Milk, Moisture Cream and the Moisture Gel-Lotion, Curél’s Body Care Range offers a comprehensive set of skincare essentials, which are needed to effectively cleanse and moisturise sensitive skin of different types – dry, extremely dry & sweat-sensitive. Armed with Curél’s unique Ceramide formula, the range also effectively protects and replenishes the Ceramide levels in skin.


Photo credit: Curél

Curél Instant Foaming Body Wash
The first foam body wash for sensitive skin to be introduced, the Curél Instant Foaming Body Wash contends the usual gel-format that usually creates friction and pain during showering for sensitive skin sufferers. The fine and dense foam glides and spreads smoothly on skin, and the thickness of the foam also helps cushions sensitive skin from the harsh cleansing motions by forming a protective layer over it. Safe for babies from two months old.

Photo credit: Curél

Photo credit: Curél

Curél Moisture Milk and Cream
This moisturising duo is an effective solution to your dry and sensitive skin woes, coming in either milk or cream to keep skin’s moisture levels dense. Both moisturisers absorb deep into the epidermis to replenish skin’s ceramide levels, effectively locking in moisture and building up the skin’s protective barrier to defend against external environmental aggressors. The moisture milk spreads easily across skin with no sticky feeling, leaving skin feeling satiated, smooth and supple after application. Those looking for an alternative solution to sooth their severely dry sensitive skin can opt for the moisture cream, which comes in a rich and luxurious thick texture that can work its hydrating and soothing magic without clogging pores. Both the milk and cream are safe for babies from two months old.

Photo credit: Curél

Photo credit: Curél

Curél Moisture Gel-Lotion
The latest addition to the Body Care Range, the Curél Moisture Gel-Lotion is the first-of-its-kind product in Singapore specially formulated for sweat-sensitivity care. Suitable for both face and body, it is armed with a high-functioning sweat-sensitivity care formula consisting of Curél’s unique ceramide ingredient and anti-inflammatory extracts. The gel-lotion helps to soothe and pacify sensitive skin easily aggravated by sweat, making it the solution especially for those with sensitive skin who are also fitness junkies that love sweating it out! Safe for babies from six months old.

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