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Do you always find yourself saying “You’re so smart” to your kid? Well, here are 10 other phrases you can use for positive encouragement towards your kid – this way, your child can also learn more new words!

  1. You have such a positive attitude.
  2. That was a very responsible thing you did.
  3. You did not give up even though it was hard.
  4. I can tell you studied very hard!
  5. You are not afraid of a challenge, I like that!
  6. What a creative solution to that problem!
  7. I love that you are always prepared for class.
  8. You thought of that all by yourself? Wow!
  9. You work very well with your classmates.
  10. I appreciate how helpful you are.

Using a bigger variety of phrases lets your children learn that they have more than just one quality – being smart. Also, when they discover that there are various situations where they can be praised for a good job, they will not feel like they failed to accomplish something if they are not called “smart”. Start using a different phrase suitable to compliment them for something that they achieve today!

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