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10 Amazing Things Your Child Can Do At KidZania Singapore

KidZania Singapore, the latest city to join the world’s fastest growing family edutainment phenomenon, welcomes families and children from 12 April 2016 at Sentosa’s Palawan Beach. Singapore’s latest attraction targeting families and children, the 7,600 square metre park will set a new benchmark for learning through role-play in Singapore.

Designed to be best suited for children aged 4 and above, KidZania Singapore works closely with real-world brands to create a city that is as realistic as possible. Children will be able to choose between occupations and activities through role-play, and learn about key values and life skills in the process.

Here are 10 big things kids can do at KidZania Singapore!

  • Be a Citizen
    KidZania Singapore PaZZport Office
    KidZania Singapore establishes itself as a fully functional society for kids, primarily promoting good citizenship. Here, kids can apply for a paZZport to become naturalized citiZens and fully enjoy the benefits of belonging to this great nation.They can enroll in the B•KidZanian program that has three citizenship levels. With each visit, KidZanians accumulate stamps that allow them to upgrade their citizenship level and thus unlock privileges, and have more fun.
  • Seek Employment 
    Job Information Centre KidZania Singapore
    With a wide array of jobs available at the indoor city, your child will surely be spoilt for choice. Confused on to which career path to go for? Don’t worry, your child can take the Skills Set Analysis test at the Job Information Centre to find out which jobs are recommended for them.
  • Earn & Spend in kidZos
    KidZania Singapore kidZos
    Like in the real world, with every job your child takes on, they will earn kidZos – the official currency of KidZania. Kids can then use kidZos to purchase goods and services, so the more you work and earn, the more you can play! P.S. the highest paying kidZos job is the one at MayBank, where your child can earn up to 12 kidZos!
  • Investigate A Crime
    Singapore Police Force KidZania Singapore

    One of the latest industry partners at KidZania Singapore, the Singapore Police Force equips your child with the skills needed to protect the streets as a policeman while cracking down crimes! 

  • Fly A Plane
    KidZania Singapore Flight Simulators
    With two types of flight simulators (A380 and B787) within the Aviation Academy, your child can look forward to trying their hands at take off and landing. What’s more, KidZania Singapore also boasts a full-winged fuselage of a Boeing 737 within the city. That gives our parents and kids a lovely close-up view of a real plane, even before they step into the city doors.
  • Save Lives
    KidZania Singapore Hospital
  • Be a hero and save lives! Here, children would be taught on how to respond to emergencies, ensure all patients are treated in time and learn how to care for infants. Want something more challenging? They can become surgeons or help doctors and assist them in curing their patients.
  • Cook Up A Storm
    KidZania Singapore Pizza Hut
    KidZania Singapore Lim Chee Guan

    Get in the kitchen and create a healthy bowl of soup, a delicious slice of pizza, a fnger-lickin good burger or succulent BBQ meats! Be an Assistant Soup Chef, Pizza Chef, KFC Chef or Traditional BBQ Meat Assistant and learn the steps and ingredients involved in whipping up delicious food! Your child can look forward to working with brands like Soup Spoon, Pizza Hut, KFC and Lim Chee Guan.
  • Put Out Fires
    KidZania Singapore SCDF
    Encourage your child to live his fire fighter dream as he joins the Singapore Civil Defence Force to put out fires. For a more realistic experience, your child will have to done the fire fighter uniform, hop on the big red fire engine and get ready to put out the inferno!
  • Open A Bank Account
    KidZania Singapore MayBank Vault
    KidZania Singapore MayBank
    At the Bank, your child can assist fellow KidZanians with their enquiries and banking needs, and help them manage their kidZos with a bank account. At the Vault, they can be a Cash Officer and work as a team to prepare, deliver and protect the citizens’ money to ensure they reach their destinations safely! They can also pick up skills on how to operate the ATM machine.
  • Get Their Driving License
    KidZania Singapore Driving Centre
    Motivate your child to apply for a driving license by as they familiarise themselves with the road signs and rules! They will be taught crucial skills such as to drive responsibly, obey the traffic rules and in order to pass the final test, all children must have a valid eye test from the optometrist before they can be issued a driving licence.

KidZania Singapore operates 7 days a week, with tickets ranging from S$25 to S$58. Online ticket purchases are entitled to 5% discount off walk-in rates. All adults must be accompanied by a child aged 17 and below to check into KidZania Singapore. Children below eight years old must be accompanied by an adult whilst in the city.