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If there’s any food to eat for two whilst pregnant, it’s fruits. Fruits provide you and baby with important nutrients that helps in tissue and cell development – and, can help relieve uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, constipation, swollen feet and high blood pressure. These are your everyday fruits so load up your fridge with them.

  1. Grapes

    This fruit is not just sweet and juicy, it’s also full of essential nutrients like calcium, iron, folic acid and vitamins A to C. Grapes also has magnesium, which helps pregnant women reduce cramp, and vitamin E and K to help blood congeal during labour.

  2. Cherries

    A great source of antioxidants, cherries helps regulate blood supply to the placenta and foetus, and fight infections like cold and rashes. It’s also packed with melatonin, which has anti-stress inducing factor that helps you sleep better at night.

  3. Apples

    Bet you didn’t know that apples can give baby a boost of immunity, reduce the risk of wheezing, asthma and eczema. Plus, it benefits mummy too, by curing anaemia, contipation, and help regulate digestion and iron deficiency.Red Apple

  4. Kiwi

    Kiwi can particularly heal respiratory ailments, while allowing easy absorption of iron into your body. It also helps to redue blood clotting.

  5. Mango

    Time to load up on this tropical fruit if you’re one of those who suffer from pregnancy constipation. Mango can help regulate your digestion, reduce constipation and relieve you from minor infections.

  6. Pomegranate

    The antioxidants in pomegranates helps reduce risk of injury to the placenta by preventing and repairing damaged cells. What’s more, it helps minimise a type of brain damage in babies that are caused by lack of oxygen.

  7. Watermelon

    Having morning sickness? Have a slice of watermelon then. It helps to ward off queasy stomaches and hydrates you at the same time. It also helps reduce heart burn, swelling in your hands and feet and muscle cramp.Chopped watermelon on blue plate

  8. Strawberries

    Strawberries can help your baby gain stronger bones. It also helps boost both baby and your immune system against common illnesses, and block pain receptors in your body – kinda like a natural painkiller.

  9. Guava

    Guava strengthens your growing foetus’ central nervous system and regulate your blood pressure at the same time. It also improves digestion and is rich in Vitamin C, E, and Carotenoids.

  10. Apricots

    Apricots are loaded with super nutrients like iron, potassium, carotene and vitamin A, C, E to assist in the healthy development of your baby. It’s also a rich source of iron, which helps prevent anaemia in the pregnant mother.

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