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Classic nursery rhymes take centre stage at SRT’s The Little Company’s latest play! Titled Nursery Crimes, the story weaves titular characters such as Jack and Jill, Little Bo Peep and Incy Wincy Spider into an epic crossover riddled with adventure, larger-than-life personalities and a tinge of mystery. Promising a great deal of fun for the entire family, here are 10 interesting things to know about this epic play!

#1 Nursery Crimes isn’t just entertaining – it also helps with child development

It isn’t just fun and games with this play. As shared by SRT’s The Little Company, Nursery Crimes helps develop a child’s Cognitive, Language and Social and Emotional skills! As Polly’s adventures bring her across Miny Moe, the catchy songs, vibrant sets and friendship-centric themes help to stimulate little ones’ creativity and imagination while fostering feelings of empathy and sensitivity. Plus, learning all these nursery rhymes really does help with building vocabulary and even helps improve their articulation. Just imagine how cute your little one will be singing and dancing to Incy Wincy Spider!

#2 Expect tons of nostalgia-inducing cameos

To be honest, Nursery Crimes is every bit as enjoyable for adults as it is for the kids. It’s filled with quaint sing-a-long moments and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it mentions from the likes of the Three Blind Mice to Humpty Dumpty and even Peter Piper ­– all of whom were featured prominently in most of our childhoods. Get ready for a trip down memory lane!

#3 Nursery Crimes has a “Nancy Drew meets Wizard of Oz” situation

 It all begins one rainy afternoon. Polly Piper, our little protaganist is stuck indoors, playing a make believe game of ‘detective’ with her toys. As her boredom grows, Polly starts wishing she was “anywhere but here”, promptly opening up a magical doorway into Miny Moe, an amazing land filled with beloved Nursery Rhyme characters.

But there’s more: Miny Moe has been plagued with naughty crimes that have turned everything topsy turvy, and it’s now up to Polly to solve this mystery. Good thing she grabbed her detective kit before entering Miny Moe. How’s that for excitement and adventure?

#4 There are 10 different characters to be performed by only three cast members!


Pictured (from left to right): Tahir Ansari, Ann Lek, and Stephanie Sim

Written and directed by Kate Golledge and Ellis Kerkhoven (more on them in a bit!), Nursery Crimes features a three-member cast portraying a familiar line-up of Nursery Rhyme characters including Jack and Jill, Incy Wincy Spider, and Little Bo Peep. Here’s a fun titbit to share with the kids: having actors play multiple roles is actually a popular staging technique called multi-roling. It requires versatile actors who are able to change their voice, movement, gesture and body language to build distinct vocal and physical identities showcasing different roles.

#5 Nursery Rhymes’ directors are total pros 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Nursery Rhymes was written and directed by theatre veterans Kate Golledge and Ellis Kerkhoven, who also worked on Charlotte’s Web in 2016. The formidable Kate has also directed many The Little Company favourites, including Treasure Island, Red Riding Hood, Fantastic Mr Fox, and last year’s Chicken Little! 

#6 Old King Cole dances into the picture


The first character Polly meets is Old King Cole, the jolly ruler of Miny Moe. Puzzled by the series of crimes, he promptly appoints Polly as the land’s chief detective, promising her a grand reward for her efforts. For the uninitiated, Old King Cole is a British nursery rhyme that dates all the way back to 1708. Its origins remain quite mysterious, but the rhyme depicts a merry king who called for his pipe (thought to be a music instrument), bowl and musicians.

#7 While Jack and Jill lost their memories while going up the hill

Polly meets Jack and Jill while gathering clues, only to realise that the popular nursery rhyme duo have lost their memories after falling and hitting their heads while going “up the hill, to fetch a pail of water”. The kids will have a fun time pointing out the blend of nursery rhymes snuck into their dialogue!

#8 Poor Little Bo Peep lost her sheep

True to her nursery rhyme, Little Bo-Peep has indeed lost her sheep. And it doesn’t help that the shepherdess keeps falling asleep while trying to count her missing lambs! We’re sensing a pattern here…

#9 Incy Wincy Spider gets real damp

Also known as the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, Polly meets the adventurous spider as it splashes into her waterlogged room. We won’t reveal more details, but teach your child the “Incy Wincy Spider finger dance” for an extra wriggly time!

#10  And Twinkle Twinkle is a huge pop star who has lost her music instruments.


A character the kids will definitely recognise, Twinkle Twinkle (or TT as she is professionally known), is Miny Moe’s biggest pop star – and she’s stuck without her music instruments, right before a huge gig for the Three Blind Mice! 

Nursery Crimes

Date: From 17 October 2018 onwards
Time: 10am on Weekdays, 11am on Weekends & Public Holidays
Venue: KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT, 20 Merbau Road, Singapore 239035
Tickets: From $26 onwards

Head here for more information! 

This post is brought to you by Singapore Repertory Theatre’s The Little Company.