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10 Creative Ways To Reveal Your Baby’s Gender

Thinking of fun methods to share your baby’s gender when the time comes to reveal the big news? Here are 10 creative ways to do it.

Dragon Egg Reveal

Game of Thrones fans, this one is right up your alley. Slam the egg onto the ground and reveal your little dragon’s gender upon impact.

Silly String

Want a fun way to find out your baby’s gender? Surprise yourself along with your closest family and friends with silly string! Enlist a friend to carry out this sting operation (get it?). Have them get the gender news from the doctor’s (sealed for secrecy) and to get either blue or pink coloured silly string. When the time comes for the big reveal, have all your loved ones spray the silly string right at you.

Photo credit: offbeathome.com

Pokemon Gender Reveal Ball

Gotta catch ‘em all – toss the Pokéball up into the air and watch it explode into gorgeous pink or blue dust as your baby’s gender is revealed!

Confetti Cannon

Imagine a gorgeous stream of (pink or blue) confetti raining down on your guests as the cameras click away; confetti cannons are a picture perfect way to make your baby gender reveal! And you can make the reveal extra special by having your doctor or a trusted friend e-mail the results to the store beforehand so even the parents-to-be can have a lovely surprise.

Push Pop Confetti

The miniature version of the confetti cannon houses gorgeous confetti in the middle of the push-pop tube – simply push the pop stick upwards with the palm of your hand and watch as either blue or pink confetti flutters around the room. Great for small parties or for young siblings to take part in the gender reveal.

Scratch-off Cards

What gender will your baby bee? These scratch cards are super easy to use, and all you need is a coin! There are plenty of different designs you can purchase, all with equally delightful puns.

Piñata Reveal 

Have a smashing time at your gender reveal party with this fun piñata that’ll burst open to reveal either pink or blue confetti!

Pop The Balloon

Prep a board with paint-filled balloons – pour pink or blue paint into one balloon and the rest with white before blowing them up – and have and have your guests ready up their throwing arm. To avoid the game ending too quickly, load up the balloons on the board with white paint only, and prepare an extra one with pink or blue paint for your loved ones to pop when they’ve finished bursting the others with darts.

Photo credit: smudgeblog.com

Gender Reveal Eggs

Crack open one of these ‘magical’ white eggs to reveal confetti mix that’s customised according to either gender – it’ll be egg-stra special!

Bath Bomb Fizz

Waddle your baby be? Simply plonk the duck (which sits atop a white bath bomb) into a clear bowl of water and watch as it dissolves to reveal your baby’s gender!