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10 Family-Friendly Movies To Celebrate The Christmas Spirit

Ho ho ho, Christmas is nearing! This festive season is not just about decorations and giving or receiving presents, the true spirit lies in spreading joy, kindness and generosity, the spirit of giving. Here are 10 Christmas-themed movies suitable for kids of all ages that show what Christmas is really all about.

Rise of the Guardians

For three hundred years, Jack Frost (Chris Pine) has been wandering as the Spirit of Winter and delivering snow days to kids, hoping that they are able to see him by believing in him. When he gets selected by the Man in The Moon as the new Guardian alongside Nicholas St. North (Alec Baldwin), E. Aster Bunnymund (Hugh Jackman), Tooth (Isla Fisher) and the Sandman, it is up to our Guardians to stop Pitch Black the Nightmare King (Jude Law) from instilling fear in every child and engulfing the world in darkness.

The Grinch

Imagine waking up one day and seeing that Christmas is cancelled. For The Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch), a bitter green-furred creature with a heart “two sizes too small”, it’s a dream come true. Having neglected and lonely during Christmas all his life, he plans to ruin the joyous season by stealing all Christmas decorations and presents so that everyone will be miserable like him. Will The Grinch be able to meet someone who will be able to shower him with the love and kindness he was deprived of all those years and show him the true meaning of Christmas?

The Polar Express

A young boy’s belief in Santa Claus (Tom Hanks) is slowly wavering, until a steam train bound for the North Pole arrives. As the train continues its journey, the boy forges friendships with a girl (Nona Gaye) and an impoverished child, Billy (Peter Scolari). Upon reaching the North Pole, Santa Claus is choosing one person to whom he will offer the first gift of Christmas to. At this point, the boy accidentally unhitches one of the cars, tumbling into Santa’s workshop. Will he be able to find his belief in Santa Claus once more and receive Santa’s first gift?

A Christmas Carol

This movie tells the tale of a miserable and stingy moneylender, Ebenezer Scrooge (Jim Carrey), who gets visited by three ghosts of Christmas telling him his fate if he refuses to repent his selfish ways. Meaningful and thought intriguing, it shows the consequence of all who habour wicked thoughts and the true meaning of the Christmas spirit beyond the fancy decorations and presents.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

As the leader of Halloween Town, “Pumpkin King” Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon) organises the yearly Halloween celebrations together with his town of monsters, ghosts and witches. Secretly, Jack is getting bored of the routine and an idea to take over the Christmas holiday pops into mind when he stumbles into Christmas Town. After kidnapping Santa Claus (Ed Ivory) and assigning his town Christmas-themed jobs while taking on the persona as the new Santa, are you prepared to unwrap your gifts for the surprise?


Stumbling into Santa Claus’s sack by accident and brought back to the North Pole as a baby, Buddy (Will Ferrell) the human was adopted and raised among the elves by Papa Elf. When he got demoted to the job of toy testing, Buddy was in for a shock regarding his true self and parentage. Travelling to New York City in search of his real father, this 

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens) is an author who is suffering from financial hardships after the failure of his last three books. Aiming to restore his finances, he gains inspiration from around London and begins writing ‘A Christmas Carol’ to be due in six weeks, developing and interacting with his characters at the same time. As he struggles with a writers’ block due to the arrival of his father, it looks like Charles has to engage the help of his characters to face his own issues and submit the manuscript right before Christmas.


In the spirit of true love, friendship and joy, Frozen is a good example of that. Recognisable from its famous soundtrack ‘Let It Go’, the tale follows the journey of Princess Anna (Kristen Bell) and Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) as they attempt to find Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) to undo the winter storm she has accidentally cursed upon the town of Arendelle. When Elsa accidentally freezes Anna’s heart and Kristoff rushes her back to her prince (Santino Fontana) for ‘an act of true love’ before she solidifies, it tells us that true love is more than just a kiss, it comes from family.

Beauty and The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Set within the timeline of Beauty and the Beast, this story tells the tale of how the Enchanted Objects are trying to make Belle and Beast fall in love with each other in the spirit of Christmas. While Belle is excited about the season, Beast remains unhappy as Christmas was the day the castle was cursed. As Belle tries to make Christmas more enjoyable for Beast by getting him to engage in joyous activities, a large pipe organ, Forte, is not ready to be human again and finds ways to come in between the pair even if it means death.

The Dog Who Saved Christmas

A heart-warming festive film, it follows the story of a former K9 Labrador, Zeus and the Bannister family. George (Gary Valentine) decides to adopt Zeus as a guard dog due to the rise of burglars in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, Zeus wasn’t as capable as the family thought and they agreed on returning him. While the family goes to Grandma’s house for Christmas Eve, two inept thieves set their targets on Bannister’s Home, will Zeus be able to redeem himself and prove his capability to his new family?