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We all know how strong the unconditional love of a mother is and though we have all gone through a rebellious stage where we may have pushed them to the brink during our adolescent years, they are still the supermums who have made sacrifices to raise generations of children and give them emotional support through adulthood. 

In honour of the upcoming Mother’s Day, here are 10 memories and stories from around the world that prove just how super the matriarch of the family really is.

#1 Beating all odds

“My incredible mum beat cancer at the tender age of two; and despite being told by countless doctors that she could surely never be pregnant, here I am, 27 and healthy! Pregnancy for her body wasn’t easy, but my amazing mother never complained. She has always taken life with so much joy and faith. Despite unfathomable health issues, my mother is so much more today. She is healthy, strong, independent, beautiful, loyal, hilarious, an awesome cook, a dog lover, a wonderful wife, and the person I strive to emulate. She is the embodiment of resilience, and as I start to build my own life, I am incredibly confident knowing she is, and always will be, part of me.” —Olivia Uphoff via Mashable

#2 Bold and brave

“One day, when I was a child, my mother was making my lunch when a fire erupted on the stove top. My brave mum ran into the kitchen, grabbed the flaming pot and ran outside with it. As if that wasn’t already heroic enough; after the flames were gone, my mom sat in a chair on our porch and told me to stay inside and not to worry. She was otherwise completely calm and collected though her expression seemed a bit strange and she had her body turned away from me. I later found out that she had suffered third-degree burns from her elbow to her fingertips on her right arm. She had used every bit of strength and willpower to hold back her tears and screams so that I wouldn’t get scared or worried.” —Jamie Williams via Mashable

#3 Always there to lend a helping hand

“My mother is the most selfless person I know. She gives up her days to come and stay with my 3-year-old and picks up my two older children from school every day so that I can go to work and support them. She takes them to the appointments I can’t leave work to go to; cares for them and myself when we fall ill; I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s my rock. She’s so loving, giving, kind and caring. I just hope that I can be half the mother she is to me, half the dedicated family woman and grandma she is to my kids. I love you mum!” —Brittany Walker via Des Moines Register


#4 Taught important lessons

“When I was young, my mother asked me if I ever thought I would get married. I told her I didn’t think so. She said to me, ‘Well, then you will need to know how to do everything’, and started teaching me how to cook, how to sew, how to budget—skills she felt were important to living everyday. What she taught me was an important lesson: that gender had nothing to do with living; that cooking meals was everyone’s responsibility; that sewing was cool and just another way to ‘build something’; and that all skills are important and valuable. I did eventually get married and I had a son. Today, her legacy continues with him. He is blessed with the idea that there are no gender roles in life. He is a leader, and he is teaching his friends the skills he learned from his grandmother; and they are loving it!” —Adam L via Thrillist

#5 Constant presence 

“When I was in the hospital having heart-valve surgery, my mom was always there. She was the first face I saw when I opened my eyes and the last face I saw before I fell asleep. She would always ask if I needed anything, if I wanted to play a game of do an arts and crafts project. She would also read to me when I had too many wires connected to me to move. If I was in pain, she would always try and help. When that failed, she would distract me by making me laugh (they say it is the best medicine). And, when she ran out of tricks and if we were allowed, we would visit other children who were warded in the ICU. The doctors made me better. But if you ask me, I think they got a lot of help from my mom.” —Julia Kostin via The New York Post

#6 Words of wisdom

“Although we live 250 miles apart, my mum and I have always been close, talking daily on the phone. When I had my babies, she helped me know when to feed and how to soothe them over the phone. She was my baby hotline, and whenever I felt frazzled, she was there to offer words of wisdom and to bring me from panic to practical action. Those conversations mean so much to me, and they served not only to solidify our relationship of mother and daughter, but also as mothers together.” —Andrea Mowery via Everyday Family


#7 Strong support system

“During my finals period, I stayed in hall for three weeks straight just to prepare for my examinations. I was feeling super stressed out, not because I didn’t study, but because I had anxiety. My mum surprised me when she came all the way to Boon Lay on a weekend night just to visit and have dinner with me because she missed me! I felt really touched because I missed her just as much as she missed me. I was so glad that I was able to catch up with her over dinner where she reminded me not to over-stress my mind and body, and also to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and healthy. I felt like I was the luckiest daughter on earth, because that meet-up definitely made me feel so much better.” —Peh Xin Yun via Millennials of SG

#8 Selfless love

“Once, during my O-levels period, I had a severe gastric problem. I came home crying and my mum was concerned about what had happened to me. I had a paper the next day, so I wanted to study but I couldn’t. The pain was intolerable. After several attempts at convincing me to see the doctor, I finally gave in. My mum carried me because I could barely walk. She then went around pleading the people in the clinic to let me go first. After I got an injection, my mum carried me back home. In the lift, I fainted. The next thing I knew, I woke up to hear her crying and telling me to wake up. She was so freaked out that she carried me to the clinic again and asked for a referral to the hospital. But, I didn’t want to go and instead, rested at home. My mum slept beside me the entire night to take care of me, despite having had just three to four hours of sleep that day.” —Sherzy Tan via Millennials of SG

#9 Lessons on independence

“Since I was old enough to start having memories, my mum would allow me to make my own choices in life. She listens and gives me advice but she won’t impose her views on me. Instead, she brings a new perspective to issues when I confide in her, and she gives me the freedom to chart my path even though, based on her own experience, I was expected to fail. It would have been easier for her to cushion me than bear the heartache of me failing but she believes that failing is part and parcel of learning. Whenever I have problems with difficult people, she encourages me to show empathy and compassion. I am often impressed by her magnanimity. I am most appreciative to have a wise mother who has shaped me into the independent woman I am today.” —Hazel Seng via Millennials of SG

#10 Standing up against bullies

“I’ve learned a lot of things from my mum—practice makes progress, and if you get through the hard, you get to the good. But here’s one thing I learned just by listening to my mum: I learned how to take care of myself. I used to get bullied a lot. They were hard days. I didn’t have any friends. But when I went to my mum, she changed everything. She taught me how to stand up for myself. And, when I stood up to a bully, I didn’t ‘go overboard’ and start bullying back. Here, now, is a much better place to be than in the past. I don’t get bullied. I have good friends. And, I owe almost all of it to my mum!” —Safira Gross via The New York Post

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