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10 Items You Must Have In Your Hygiene Kit

Maintaining good personal hygiene is a way to take care not only of your appearance, but of your health and overall wellbeing as well. It’s something that can also be taken for granted, so it would help if you have a kit and make it a habit to spend some time of the day for yourself.

Here are some of the items that your hygiene kit must contain:

#1 Soap

A hygiene kit will not be complete without a soap. Some people use different kinds of soap for the hand, body, and face while others opt to use a separate facial wash and use the same soap for the hand and the body. Whatever you prefer, soap is undoubtedly a must-have to make sure you’re able to get rid of germs when you shower or wash your body.

#2 Shampoo and conditioner

Hair care is just as important as body care. It keeps you healthy-looking and prevents dirt, oil, and scalp infection that will ruin your crowning glory. It’s also good for those with dandruff issues and for those who need to manage their dyed hair.

#3 Deodorant

Whether you sweat a lot or not, you might want to keep your deodorant handy. Sweat in itself may not be bad but the odour that sometimes comes with it may be a source of problem, especially in the dry season or after a strenuous activity. Some deodorants also leave you smelling good and double up as your body scent.

#4 Lotion

Using body lotion has several benefits, including moisturising and rehydrating dry skin, softening some rough parts of your body, and having a relaxing and soothing feeling. Some lotions also make you smell and feel good, so lather up!

#5 Toothbrush and toothpaste

No personal hygiene is complete without brushing your teeth so make sure you have a toothpaste and toothbrush in your kit. This is to prevent cavities and tooth bacteria that may affect your dental health. Your toothbrush size and bristles also depend on your oral need so it’s best to consult with your dentist first.

#6 Floss

Together with brushing your teeth, flossing also promotes good oral health and fresh breath. This prevents plaque from building up in between your teeth and along your gum line, which sometimes lead to cavity and gum disease.

#7 Sanitary pad or tampon

For women, menstrual period is something that can be like an unexpected guest so having a sanitary pad or tampon in your kit is always better. It can give you peace of mind knowing that wherever you are, you have a pad or tampon to save the day when your monthly period arrives.

#8 Razor

For most men, having unwanted body hair is a no-no. This is when a razor becomes useful. Shaving off often makes a man look more well-groomed. Women can use razors too for removing leg and underarm hair.

#9 Shaving cream

Shaving becomes easier when you use a shaving cream. It protects your skin’s topmost layer skin from being cut and prevents razor burns, too. Shaving cream may either be foam or gel.

#10 Tissue and wipes

Be more proactive by having a tissue pack or wipes for emergency sanitary situations. Use your it to wipe dirt off, when bathrooms run out of their own, or when you suddenly burst into a sneezing fit!

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