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Moms are often caught up with postpartum stress because of the insane amount of changes both within and around our bodies. It’s hard to deal with so many things at one time, what with having to take care of your body during the critical confinement period and attending to a newborn every so often. Losing even more sleep compared to the pregnancy term is commonplace, and mommies may tend to be so overwhelmed that one can easily be pushed into a depressed mood. If you are feeling the blues, here are a few reasons why and some pointers on what you can do to change that.

You’re Not Keeping A Diary
Keeping a diary of your experience is a great way to track your progress and remind you of how far you have come since becoming a mother. Don’t forget to note at least one thing you’re thankful for and one thing you appreciate about yourself each day.

You’re Not Moving Around Much
Staying sedentary while you are nursing your body is naturally a comfort zone, but it’s important to move around enough so that your juices can flow and your body readjusts the release of hormones, otherwise it’s easier for you to delve into depression. Relax more and turn on some music, dancing around lgihtly can really uplift your mood.

You Haven’t Completed Any Tasks
It’s natural to feel listless when you have not been completing major tasks that you’re used to. Get up and do something right away – even if it’s something small like clearing your junk mail or doing the dishes, you’ll feel much better after having done something.

You Haven’t Given Or Received Any Hugs
Sometimes a warm embrace is all you need. Whether it’s your spouse, parents, children or a friend, give them a hug and you’ll instantly feel lighter.

You Haven’t Cuddled Your Child
If you’re starting to feel down after giving birth, your mind will most likely tend to blame the new addition in your life, but it’s important to note that it’s nobody’s fault and the process is overwhelming for anybody. Cuddle and snuggle with your baby and remind yourself how much you have been through to bring this little miracle into the world. You will both enjoy each other’s company and start to build a strong bond.

You’re Not Speaking To Your Friends
With the whirlwind of changes, you’re bound to lose touch with some of your friends whose company you used to enjoy so much in the past. Give them a text, a call, or FaceTime with them to really reconnect. You can also invite them over to your place when you’re ready for guests. There’s no better feeling than reconnecting with a close friend.

You Don’t Eat On Time
When was the last time you ate? If you haven’t been having regular, balanced meals, it will be hard for your body to physically repair and even harder for you to recover into a stable mood.

You Don’t Drink Enough Water
Being dehydrated leads to many different issues in the body. You start off by craving all the wrong foods and end up being in an even worse mood or you face more serious problems if you’re also not eating. Remember to stay hydrated to keep your organs functioning at their peak.

You Don’t Remember When You Last Showered
Taking care of the little ones can be draining and everyone has a different confinement process, but it’s easy to forget to take care of your own cleanliness when you find yourself constantly having too many things to do. Take a shower if you can or rinse your face, hands and feet if that’s the least you can do – the feeling of clean water on your skin always readjusts the body into a better mood.

You Don’t Take The Time To Dress Up
Again, staying at home during the recovery period and getting used to the responsibilities of being a mom can be draining, but what’s a new day if you don’t get up and prepare yourself for it? Even if you are staying home, change into a clean outfit in the morning, don’t stay in your pyjamas all day.

Remember that it’s important to take care of yourself, you too are an integral part of the family that you’re taking care of. Take note of these pointers and make gradual changes everyday, you’ll slowly get into the swing of things and see brighter days ahead – even if the weather is gloomy!

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