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The school holidays are coming and so’s the long-awaited family vacation. Nine out of 10 kids we asked say some of their best memories come from family vacations. So why not let junior in to the loop when you’re planning the itinerary for the coming one and make it the best one yet.

  1. Involve Them In The Plan

    Since six in 10 parents we asked say their children influences their vacation destination, why not go one step further and check out those countries and find out what are some attractions that they’d like to visit.

  2. Ask Them To Schedule The Days

    Ask them to help plan each day – when they’d like to set off in the morning and what to do through the day. That way they won’t complain when you wake them up at 6am to go trekking.

  3. Let Him Carry His Own Backpack

    Time to learn some responsibility here. Let junior take a backpack to stash his electronics and personal belongings.

  4. Bring Small Toys And Books

    Sneak in some of their favourite toys and books in your own bag, and plan to surprise them with those later on.

  5. Pack An Insulated Cooler Bag

    An especially great idea if you’re going to somewhere warm. Pack chilled drinks and snacks for them on the go.

    travelling with kids

  6. Look Out For Ice Cream And Waterparks

    Whether it’s hot or cold, an ice cream always perks up a child’s day so offer it to them as little treats. When in warm climates, look out for a waterpark for them to cool down and play.

  7. Family Function

    The best sandcastles on the beach are built when the family builds one together, so don’t forget to do things that can help you bond.

  8. Try New Food Together

    Don’t go for familiar fare. Going on a vacation means trying new food – does squid taste like chicken tenders?

  9. Bring A Polaroid Camera & Markers

    If you’re going to a theme park, bring a Polaroid camera and markers to snap and get signatures from mascots at the theme park.

  10. Trade Chores For Souvenir Money

    Another way to get them to help out around the house – earn some cash to buy a nice souvenir on the trip. Who wants to help Mummy fold the clothes?

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