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10 Tricks To Get Your Kids To Drink More Water

Studies have shown that more and more kids are not hydrated enough before they leave for school. Here are 10 tips and tricks on getting your child to gulp down those glasses of water.

Providing children with enough water in their diet is essential for their growth and development. It is important that you, as a parent, play an active role in encouraging your child to drink adequate water.

  1. Make it Accessible
    Packing a bottle of water everyday into your kid’s backpack increases the chances of them drinking water more frequently. If it isn’t within their reach, children tend to buy sodas or other sugary drinks at canteens or vending machines, instead of looking for a water cooler in school.
  2. Fruity Fruits
    Fresh or frozen fruits like watermelon, grapes or blueberries bring out fruity flavours in a boring jug of water. When they’re done with their cup of water, sweet juicy treats will be waiting for them at the bottom!
  3. Reward Your Child’s Efforts
    Children will be more willing to drink their daily cup of water if they knew there would be something better in exchange. A cup of fresh juice, some raisins or some biscuits are examples of rewards that you can give to them.
  4. Funky Straws
    Curvy, twirly straws or colour changing straws are cute visuals that will divert your child’s attention from the fact that they are drinking
    water. Looking at the water level rise up and down the straw will make them feel a little more thrilled and excited.
  5. Fancy Cups
    Plastic martini glasses or princess-like tea sets with teacups and saucers let your child play make-believe while drinking a healthy dose of water each day. You can even let your child decorate a plain mug with paint markers to make it more personalised so they will look forward to drinking from it.
  6. Keeping it Cool
    By chilling jugs of water in the refrigerator makes it more thirst quenching, especially in the hot humid weather. Ice cubes in cute shapes like hearts, flowers or even coke bottles may also interest them.
  7. Be a Role Model
    Show them the importance of drinking water by making it a habit for yourself. Lessen your coffee intake and drink at least eight glasses of water each day. This way, kids will be more likely to follow your footsteps.
  8. Fruit Popsicles
    Place chopped fruits and pour a mixture of water and juice into a popsicle mould. Freeze it overnight and you get a delicious yet healthy snack for hungry kids after school, or as an after-dinner dessert.
  9. Mint Leaves and Citrus Fruit Slices
    This method brings elegance to a whole new level. If your kids love a refreshing taste, fruits like lemons, limes and oranges will work perfectly. Add some of the juice by squeezing the fruit before slicing. Then, leave your drink in the fridge for a day to bring out the best flavour.
  10. Water Station
    Instead of always serving your kid, why not let them do it themselves? Set up a miniature counter with pitchers of water, fruit slices and serving tongs so that they can make their own drinks. They can also play make-believe by pretending to be a waiter at a café, serving you as their customer.

What are your tricks in getting your child to drink up? Leave us a comment down below.