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Growing up, some of us may have felt that our dads agreed with us more when it comes to playing games, hanging out at outdoor playgrounds and just causing a ruckus for no reason at all. Moms like to keep things neat and tidy, and usually prefer a more peaceful atmosphere. But when it comes to our turn to be the mom, do we still remember how to have fun? The fatigue of pregnancy, childbirth and childcare whilst handling a career and a household may get to us, but here’s a few ways you can still bring out the “fun” side in you that the kids will love.

  1. Build a fort
    When the kids are preparing for battle, they mean business. Build your own fort and get in on the fun!
  2. Forget your umbrella
    Once in a while, forget about the umbrella and just run in the rain with the kids. (But maybe get the kids into ponchos first if you don’t want to deal with 3 runny noses)
  3. Be a selfie queen
    A great way to spend time with your kids capturing special moments, whip out your phone and just take a bunch of selfies together!
  4. Watch a viral comedy video
    We often forget to have fun and resign to whatever’s playing on the television. try to get on the internet and watch random funny videos and you’ll find yourself having a ball with the kids!
  5. Have a water balloon fight
    Grab some balloons and fill them up with water – there may be a mess left behind but the kids will be happy to help after having so much fun with you.
  6. Bake cupcakes
    It sounds like the most common thing, but how often have you done it? Especially if you’re a working mom. Even if you’ve never done it before, head to the supermarket and put on your baker’s hat – baking is so therapeutic, and the end result is a treat for both you and the kids.
  7. Colour with your kids
    Print out their favourite characters and let their juices flow! If you want to be even more spontaneous, you could even paint a border in their room where they can freely paint on their creativity, so you even get some help with decorating.
  8. Blow some bubbles
    A game that moms rarely encourage, surprise the kids by whipping out some bubbles and start having fun. Head outside the house to a park/open area if you don’t want a soapy mess!
  9. Have a tickle fight
    Instead of telling the kids to get out of bed when they resist it, just start tickling them! This way they get out of bed with a smile on their faces.
  10. Just start dancing
    Turn up the music and start moving around – kids love to run and jump, and needless to say they would love to share a dance party with their moms. Expending their energy also means a good night’s sleep!

Have you had your fun today?

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