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10 Ways To Cut Down Your Utility Bills

Reduce your utility expenses and your carbon footprint with these 10 simple steps.

  1. When you leave a room, turn off the light. The misconception that it takes more electricity to switch it on than to keep it on is, well, just a misconception.
  2. Save $700 yearly on your air-conditioning bills if you were to run the air-conditioner for about an hour and then switch to a fan.
  3. Always wash a full load but don’t fill the washer to the brim. That might damage the machinery or even the clothing.
  4. Look for a refrigerator with a four-tick energy label and you can save about $65 per year as compared to a two-tick model.
  5. Put up dividers or partitions so your air-conditioner cools a smaller, more targeted space. The larger the space, the harder your air-conditioner needs to work to cool it.
  6. When it comes to heating dishes, always use the microwave oven rather than the oven.
  7. Standby power amounts to electricity wastage, so switch off your home appliances at the power socket and save $65 yearly.
  8. A laptop zaps up less than half the energy used by desktop computers so you might want to consider that for your next computer upgrade.
  9. Shift your study desk next to a natural light source. With ample daylight, you won’t have to turn on the light and waste unnecessary energy.
  10. For every LED bulb you choose over an incandescent light bulb, you can save about $20 a year!

And there you have it! How do you save on electricity at home? Post your comment down below.