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With the year almost coming to an end, it’s time to declutter and regain control in every nook and cranny of your home, starting right now. Junk drawer, you’ve been warned! 

Create a kitchen hangout

Short on cabinet space? Attach a painted pegboard to the wall, and then loop in metal hooks for a display that will keep your most-used tools neatly in one place.

Organise shoes from heel to toe 

It maximises space (room for more shoes!), and gives you a quick survey of colour, toe style and heel height to help speed up getting dressed. 

Make a master grocery list 

Save a few of your old receipts and type up a master for what you buy often, grouping items by where they are in the store, so you can breeze through shopping. Print it out and post it in the kitchen, and put a tick next to items as you run out. 

Try a new tidy-up trick 

Meet your new secret weapon to get kids to put away their stuff! Toss a hula hoop on the floor and challenge them to pick up everything inside the ring and return it to its proper place – designated bins make it easy for little ones to know where things go. Keep tossing till the floor is clear. 

Control cords 

Stop guessing which cord on your power strip goes with what. Save the plastic tags from loaves of supermarket bread, write the name of each device on a tag and clip it around the relevant cord. Genius! 

Clean by the clock 

When you’re overwhelmed by a room so messy that you don’t know where to start, imagine the floor plan as a clock face. Pick a corner you consider to be 12 and focus on completely decluttering only that area before moving on to 1, then 2 and so on until you’re finished. Breaking it down into a step-by-step system makes clean-up quicker. 

Streamline homework 

Fill a clear plastic bin with pencils, scissors, rulers and other stationary, so your child doesn’t burn through precious play time hunting for supplies everyday. When the assignments are done, everything gets returned to the bin and your child sets up their backpack for the next morning – so the only thing scrambling in the morning is an egg.  

Keep your kid clutter from taking over 

…and do it in style by using affordable and practical furnishings in new ways. 

  1. Swap a coffee table for a lidded ottoman or a steamer trunk. It’s so sturdy that it’s perfect for holding blocks. 
  2. Wrangle the art projects by scanning photos of the treasures your kids bring home to create a digital folder of memories, instead of letting the projects invade every shelf. Save one or two special ones, not everyone! 
  3. Hang premade kitchen cabinets from IKEA in your child’s room. Replace the generic hardware with cute little pulls to create unique architecture storage for a fraction of the cost of the built-ins. Label each cabinet with a photo of the types of toys that go into it (so pre-readers can understand). 

Use your air space 

Junk drawer jammed with menus, dry cleaner tickets, stamps and other stray papers you can never find when you need them? Store them at eye level instead. Sort everything into categories and file in Post-it Pockets, which stick on the inside of kitchen cabinet doors. 

De-chaos your closet 

Take tried-and-true outfits and hang the items together – shirts, pants and accessories. (This is how fashion shows organise clothes, by the way.) Getting dressed just got easy!

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