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10 Ways To Make Your Child Feel Appreciated

Yes, a hug or a kiss will do sometimes. But why not get a little creative and try a few of these warm and wacky ideas?

  1. Let Them Lead
    Children love it when they know how to do something that you don’t, so let your kid be the teacher for once. Ask them to show off their own special dance moves, and then follow their steps.
  2. Add An Animal
    Surprising your kid with a pet? It’s definitely a big job for the entire family, but it does show that you trust your child. Caring for a dog, a cat, or even a fish will make him feel responsible.
  3. They’ve Got Mail!
    Send your kids handwritten letters to your home address. It’s still a thrill to receive a love note the old-fashioned way.
  4. Say “Wow”
    The next time your child is upset, let them vent, wait a few beats and then say, “Wow”. When you say it, you enter open-minded listener mode, and what your child hears is: “I know this is big to you, so keep going.” This shows that you’re interested in their situation but you’re not just offering a fix. You’re showing respect for their feelings instead.
  5. Get Messy
    Fill water balloons so your child and their friends can watch them splatter on an open field or at a park. Or let them experiment with papier-mâché even if it means getting sticky. Your child will appreciate that they are worth the mess.
  6. Show It Off
    Designate a special frame on a prominent wall where you can display artwork. Alternate your kids’ pictures every month.
  7. Make Up Special Stories
    Children love being the centre of our attention. If your child has the chance for just a moment to be the hero in their own story, it will likely become their favourite bedtime story. This will make them feel extra special.
  8. Crack The Code
    Get together and create a secret handshake, a funny word, or a made-up symbol that only you and your kids know.
  9. Open Yourself Up
    It is very important that your child knows you as well. Loosen up and share your past experience, or something that your kid can relate to. It may be a failed Math exam or detention. This will tell them that you are not perfect, and that whatever they are going through is normal.
  10. Dress To Thrill
    Take out your fabric markers or paint, or create and print iron-on decals to make matching mum-and-kid T-shirts. Wear them when you go out together to dinner or to a school event. It’s fun to play Mini-Me!

And there you have it! What are some other ways you make your child feel appreciated? Share it with us!