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Homework can be a struggle, for parents and children alike. But fret not! Here are our top tips to make the daily routine a breeze for you and the kiddos!

  1. Establish the ‘I feel you’ vibe with your child
    Honestly, homework is no fun for kids, just like how bringing work home is for you. So, instead of nagging away, show your child that you understand the dreading while making them understand why homework is important.
  2. Back off (yes, you’ve read that right)
    Now, it is crucial for you to be available to help, but not to take over and do the work for your child. Firstly, not only will that make you more frustrated (especially when you can’t solve that Math sum), it completely takes away the point of your child doing homework.About 80 per cent of the time when kids say, “I need help with my homework,” they are looking for someone to fix a problem or bail them out of a situation that has frustrated them.
  3. It’s all about schedule
    There can be some flexibility here in terms of when homework time is – right after school, before dinner or after dinner, depending on your family’s practice. Whatever your preference, it is essential to have specific time set that is consistent.
  4. Limit distractions
    As much as possible, do your best to keep your child away from distractions like the TV, gadgets, toys, games and more. Before isolating them away from all of those that they love, reason out with them on why you are doing what you’re doing, and tell them that they will get their fair share of play time afterwards.
  5. Occasional breaks are necessary
    There might be days, especially with common tests approaching, when there is a sudden influx of homework and worksheets to complete. Giving them a breather will not only re-energise them, but will also give them space to clear their thoughts and have their own little ‘alone’ time.
  6. Instead of deadlines, try a timer
    As recommended by education expert Ann Dolin, an entertaining way to curb procrastination is to turn homework into a game, known as “Beat the Clock”. Ask your child how long they think the assignment should take. Once decided, set a timer to challenge them. Should they beat or complete within the given time, they win!
  7. Keep your temper in check
    Don’t lose your cool during the homework tug-of-war. Once you get angry, you’ll lose focus and no one will win. If you stay happy and lively about homework, your child will follow your lead. Get the drift?
  8. Reward good behaviour
    Rewarding hard work and effort is a smart way to reinforce good behaviour. If your child has been working hard, let them know that you’ve noticed by giving them incentives – this can be as simple as reminding your child about their favourite TV show that they can watch after completing their homework, or letting them play that game on your iPad.
  9. Do not expect perfection
    Yes, you’re tired and you just want your child to finish that piece of worksheet, but practise patience and empathy. Sometimes, your child may not be deliberately taking it slow; in fact, they may need that extra time to understand the homework.
  10. Talk to the teacher
    Get updates from the teacher regarding the subjects they seem to enjoy the most and the not-so enjoyable ones. This way, you’ll be able to think of ways to make homework time fun, especially on days when your child has to finish the least favourite assignment.

What are some other ways to turn homework woes into wows? Leave a comment below!