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Welcome to the 21st century, where a six-year-old can earn a six-digit pay check or more! Whether you’re looking for YouTube recommendations for the little one, or if you just enjoy the bubbly wholesomeness of watching young’uns online, here are 11 YouTube channels helmed by kids that will make you go “aww!”

#1 FullTimeKid

Mya Reyes is best known for her hands-on DIY projects and tutorials. She was encouraged to pursue a YouTube career by her father, and began making kid-friendly educational videos relating to children. At the age of 7, she’d already learned how to operate a video camera and edit videos. Now, the multi-talented tween also posts videos featuring scientific and mathematical experiments on PBS Parents. Apart from gaining tips on crafts and baking, FullTimeKid is a great channel to encourage kids’ creativity and natural curiosity for science!

#2 FBE – Kids React

The very first series produced by The Fine Bros, Kids React features a roster of adolescents and preteens reacting to random videos. The theme of each video ranges from lifestyle content such as contemporary music, funny advertisements or even old school products, to controversial topics and societal issues. Moving beyond lighthearted entertainment, each video can serve as an educational opportunity, so grab the chance to discuss each topic and find out what your child truly thinks! 

#3 MattyBRaps

At just 15 years of age, Matthew David Morris already has an extremely successful musical career. If you have a kid that loves grooving along to pop and rap tunes, introduce them to his tracks and they’ll fall in love in no time! But if you think this channel will only end up as mere entertainment, think again. Songs are the best way for kids to pick up new words and practice their pronunciation, so these little sing-along sessions will make learning new words and phrases a much more fun and light-hearted process for your little ones!

#4 Hailey’s Magical Playhouse

Forget reading Amazon reviews – watch six-year-old Hailey’s kid-friendly review videos and take her word for it! From playing with Peppa Pig merch to unboxing Barbie’s dream house, little Hailey’s got the scoop on the newest and best toys. And as for parents who are worried about their children demanding for more toys after watching Hailey’s videos, you’ll be glad to know that most of her own toys are donated to charity after filming is completed. This makes her the perfect role model to help teach kids the value of sharing and caring!

#5 We Are The Davises

If you are looking for entertainment and wholesome family fun time, this kid-oriented channel is the perfect combination of both. The Davises seem to live a life of constant excitement and thrill, as they share with you their new experiences and activities such as playing in ball pits, telling dad jokes, and trying to escape a Jumanji escape room! Watching the wild adventures of this family makes one realise that the best moments in life are those spent with your loved ones. What’s more, with the lovely family vlogging their creative ventures, you need not wreck your brains any longer on how to make family outings much more fun and memorable!

#6 Haschak Sisters

The Haschaks are a group of sisters who post a wide range of content ranging from original music, covers, vlogs, DIY tutorials, and challenges that will provide a relatable platform for your little one to experiment with different hobbies. If your kid is an aspiring dancer or singer, you can’t have come to a better place, as the Haschaks’ poppy and easy-to-learn dance moves will keep your little dancer busy moving all day! 

#7 Action Movie Kid

Ever wondered what your kid’s playtime fantasies would look like in real life? Look no further than Action Movie Kid’s channel, where Daniel Hasimoto, Dreamworks animator extraordinaire, transforms the products of his kids’ imaginations into incredible scenes filled with lightsabers, rocket ships and crazy explosions. Who knows, you may even gain some superhero-esque inspiration for your next home movie!

#8 SoulPancake – Kid President

SoulPancake is a YouTube channel that can be enjoyed by all ages, featuring shows that prompt self-reflection and philosophical debate amongst an older audience, as well as quirky and light-hearted series that cater to youngsters. One that can be enjoyed by both you and your kid is the adorable and charismatic Kid President who brightens up any screen with his comical mannerisms and innocent yet deep pep talks. In this particular heartwarming video, Kid President pays tribute to all you mothers out there. You deserve it!

#9 Baby Yebin

You may have heard about this one. Known as South Korea’s cutest kid, Yebin continues to charm the world with her adorable v-logs. If you have been a loyal fan of hers, you may already know that little Yebin has recently become a big sister! Her even littler brother, Dobin, has joined her on the channel, giving you double the cuteness. 

#10 EvanTubeHD and JillianTubeHD

Evan and Jillian are two adorable siblings who post videos that feature a wide range of content from food tests to toy reviews that you and your kid can watch and gain recommendations on what to try out together. With the siblings’ adorable exchanges and comical commentary, it’s a wholesome and heart-warming channel that’ll make you think “family goals!” 

#11 SIS vs BRO

Karina and Ronald Calor are a sibling duo with insane chemistry. Here on their channel,  you and your kid will be kept entertained by their crazy antics and vlogs. They even have a few dedicated to their family vacation to Thailand, which will give you some serious green eye and inspire you to start planning your next family vacation! Also be sure to check out their most popular series, “Gummy vs Real”, which is sure to leave your kid hungry for some candy!

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