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Doing the laundry can seem like a nightmare especially when the clothes basket never seems to stay empty (even just for a little while). Plus the entire process just takes up way too much time. While we’re doubtful that laundry can be anything other than a dreaded chore, here are 12 tips and tricks to help busy parents sail through it as efficiently as possible.

  1. Always losing socks? Prevent mysterious disappearances by putting all your socks into a mesh laundry bag and tossing them in the wash.
  2. Give your washing machine a quick refresh by running an empty load with baking soda and vinegar. While you should already be cleaning your washer thoroughly at least once a month, this Apartment Therapy-recommended hack can be used bi-weekly to keep things squeaky clean.
  3. Pre-sorting out your laundry can shave some time off the tedious process. Implement three bins for: light colours, colourful clothes, and denims and/or towels. You’ll just have to grab and go come laundry day!
  4. Believe it or not, removing ink stains can be super easy. Simply saturate the stained article of clothing in non-aerosol hairspray or hand sanitiser (both contain alcohol, which acts as a powerful solvent) for at least 10 minutes before tossing them in the wash. If you have a larger stain, let the solvent soak into the fabric for longer, then dunk it into hot water for an hour or so before washing. It’ll be as good as new!
  5. Don’t want to shell out on dryer sheets? Soak a hand towel in fabric softener and let it dry completely before tossing it in the dryer with your usual load. It’ll keep your clothes super soft, and is completely reusable for up to 50 loads!
  6. You’ll be surprised at how many bits and bobs turn up while doing the wash. Create a mini lost-and-found by keeping a little container near the washing machine.
  7. Forget messy spills when measuring laundry detergent by using soap dispensers instead! Plus, it also keeps the detergent out of kids’ reach.
  8. A great trick for keeping vibrant clothes from bleeding colour, would be to add a teaspoon of paper to your wash. It may seem dubious Don’t worry about dirtying your clothes, it’ll wash out by the end of the cycle.
  9. Give your child’s favourite stuffed animals a good washing by placing them into a mesh laundry bag, and tossing them into a gentle/delicate cycle with cool water. Place them outside to air dry when they’re done.
  10. Speed up the drying process on your shoes (after hand-washing them) by setting your washing machine on tumble dry mode. Remember to put the shoes into a mesh laundry bag so it doesn’t bang around too much.
  11. There are many ways to freshen up the brightness of your whites (bleaching and sun drying are popular options), but a Martha Stewart-approved method would be to uses sliced lemons. Simply boil sliced lemons and a pot full of water, soak your clothing in the hot water for about an hour, then wash as usual.
  12. Get your children to pitch in on laundry day by teaching them how to fold and put away their own clothing. Help them get started with this nifty cardboard trick

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