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12 Ways To Go Green At Home

It doesn’t take much effort to help save the Earth. Here are 12 Earth-friendly tips which you and your family can easily carry out right from your own home.

  1. Let The Light In
    Credit: Elle Decor

    Credit: Elle Decor

    Once in a while, turn off the lights and air-conditioning to let natural sunlight and breeze fill your room to save energy and let your child appreciate nature better.
  2. Put On Your Gardening Gloves
    Try growing herbs and vegetables with your child. Not only is gardening therapeutic, it’s a great activity for parent-child bonding, and you’ll have your very own home-grown veggies to cook and eat. Furthermore, by growing these greens yourself, you’re also preventing harmful chemicals from pesticides from being ingested by you and your family.
  3. Use A Lunch Box and Water Bottle
    Buying bottled water from the school tuck shop or packing their food in disposable containers or plastic bags is pretty convenient, but it also results of wastage. Instead get a BPA-free plastic water bottle or washable lunch box which your child can bring around.
    These aren’t costly and come in a huge variety of fun designs, so there’s something for every little girl and boy to choose from.
  4. Encourage Recycling
    Credit: Green Diary

    Credit: Green Diary

    All it takes is a few cardboard boxes or bins with labels and even the youngest child in your family will be able to separate out what can be recycled and what can’t.
  5. Repurpose Your Stuff
    Time flies, and we all know how quickly those young ones outgrow their clothes. Instead of throwing them away, why not pass them on to a younger child of a friend, or donate them to a thrift store. You can also re-use gift boxes and containers to create storage spaces for your child’s stationery, notes, and other little items.
  6. Travel The Green Way
    Credit: Boise Band Of Mothers

    Credit: Boise Band Of Mothers

    If the school is nearby, walk or bike with your child to school. This reduces carbon emissions, and you both get to keep healthy at the same time. Alternatively, you can try arranging a carpooling system with some of the parents of your child’s friends.
  7. Switch Off
    Just because a device is off, it doesn’t mean that it’s not consuming any energy. Before your child goes to bed, ask him to help put the electronics to bed and get him to help turn off all main switches for appliances, such as the television and computer, if no one else will be using.
  8. Naturally Fresh
    Instead of using aerosol air freshener sprays which contain CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) that are harmful the ozone layer, you can easily make your own natural version using lemon juice and water. A few spritzes will keep your home smelling clean and fresh.
  9. Bring Your Own Bag
    Bring along a foldable tote bag when you go shopping so that you won’t need multiple plastic bags to carry all your purchases. Tote bags are roomy, versatile, and sturdy – great for carrying groceries, especially.
  10. Pack Your Cloth
    If your little one spills something on the floor or dining table, mop up the mess using a rag cloth instead of tissues. A cloth is washable and can be reused for a long time, and a little washing never hurt anyone.
  11. Snip & Save
    Credit: Popista

    Credit: Popista

    If you think that tube of facial product or body lotion is finished, think again. Cut the tube in half, and you’d be surprised to discover that there’s still a good bit of the product left in the corners and on the sides of the tube which you’re not able to squeeze out.
  12. Purchase Energy Efficiently
    Purchasing energy efficient electrical appliances – especially energy efficient light-bulbs – can really save a lot of energy, and reduce your electricity bill as well.