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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many mums tend to lose sight of themselves and their needs. But finding time for yourself isn’t as hard as you might think. Just follow our easy tips!

Mothers are undeniably the queens of multitasking. Somehow, they find time to manage full-time jobs, finish up household chores, and juggle parenthood and marriage, all without breaking a sweat. But let’s face it – just like everyone else, mums too deserve a little time away now and again for them to rejuvenate, recharge and give themselves the attention they have been deprived of. In fact, an ongoing Harvard study even indicates that a bit of solitude can make us more capable of empathy towards others. So, ditch the guilt of wanting some ‘me’ time and let’s make it happen!

  • Be Committed
    “Mummy time is vital! I’m a better mum when I have time for myself. A massage, a hot bath, a walk – whatever it is, afterwards I feel refreshed and ready to be a mum again,” said Catherine Bell, a Hollywood actress. Always remember that this is your time. So, don’t answer the phone (if it’s not urgent), don’t respond to e-mails or Facebook chats. You are spending time alone with yourself. When you make a date with yourself, don’t blow it off.
  • Girl Time
    Need we say more?
  • Grocery Shopping
    It’s like retail therapy you don’t have to feel guilty about (look at all that fresh produce!) as you stroll up and down each aisle. Plus, you can pick up a few of your most favourite products (chocolates, wine, instant noodles – you get the idea) that you’ve not had for a long time.
  • Bath, uninterrupted
    Showers are usually a rushed sort of task when you’re a busy parent. But taking the time to relax over a bubble bath is a great way to sneak in a bit of time for yourself.
  • Find a Part-time Sitter
    Sure, it’s not always the most cost-efficient, but a great gift to give yourself if the hubby, parents or in-laws can’t keep an eye on the little one for a few hours.
  • Sport On
    Running, walking, doing yoga or working out will give your body the positive endorphins you need to turn that frown upside-down. Again, if you don’t have the luxury of leaving home, there are plenty of at-home options – just follow yoga or exercise videos on YouTube!
  • Prim & Proper
    Are you tired of rushed nail polishing and fuss-free hairstyles? It’s time to let your hair down (literally) and make your way to the salon for a much-needed blowout, or a mani and pedi even. When you look good, you feel good, and that’s important for your self-esteem. “I have mummy-time activities that help me unwind, like going for a manicure. It’s the little things – those mean a lot,” shared Ali Landry, model and actress.
  • Quiet or Nap Time
    Again, drop the guilt! There will always be important things to do during nap time/quiet time. Your sanity and health are also important. This is a great and quiet time to read, get creative, breathe, listen to music or do whatever it is that makes you happy.
  • Shop!
    Be it online or at the store, pampering yourself to new clothes, a new makeup palette, or just window shopping will relax your mind.
  • Cry It Out (if you need to)
    There are days when life can take a toll on us, or days when there are just too many things happening at one go. Take a breather and cry it out if you really need to. It’ll help you create a more relaxed, positive state of mind.
  • Wake Up Earlier
    We know, you already do. But waking up a tad bit earlier, say 15 minutes earlier than usual, allows you to sneak in some ‘me’ time on even the most hectic days.
  • Laugh Out Loud
    Watch a funny movie, call a friend who makes you laugh, or take time out for a stand-up comedy show. The simple act of smiling can work wonders on your mood.
  • Meditate
    Find a peaceful spot, quiet your mind, and close your eyes (or focus on something nearby).
  • Treat yourself to extra TLC
    Since it’s your month to celebrate, indulge in that spa that you’ve been eyeing for so long! But don’t let it be a one-off thing – promise yourself some tender loving care every month.
  • Mini Getaways
    As much as possible, try planning for a short holiday to a nearby country with your best girlfriends. It might be tough to leave the tots behind, but it’ll all be worth it.
  • Do Something Else
    Always wanted to pick up a new hobby or start a business? What’s stopping you? Indulging in your own desires and dreams is also a great way to get away from mummy duties!
  • Turn It Up
    Yes, it is time when you can finally listen to other songs besides nursery rhymes. So, fire up your music player and listen to your favourite songs. Nothing beats an impromptu karaoke, really!
  • String Thing
    Take a break from the usual routine of cooking and cleaning. Once you have put your tot to sleep in the afternoon or when you’re home alone, whip out your needles and threads to finish that cross-stitch.

At the end of the day, never feel guilty for giving yourself some time alone because you truly deserve it.