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18 Mums Share Hilariously Relatable ‘Pregnancy Brain’ Stories

Ah pregnancy brain. Many expectant mums have complained of this lesser-known side effect” of pregnancy. Once dismissed as an old wives tale, research has shown that pregnancy brain, or “Momnesia” as it’s sometimes called, is very real. As are the memory lapses, lack of focus and general mental fogginess that comes with it.

While there’s really nothing much mummies-to-be can do to improve pregnancy brain – not to worry, your razor sharp mind will “return” after delivery – commiserating with others who’ve gone through similar experiences may just be the best remedy!

#1 She did too much reflecting 

“During my first pregnancy, my husband took me to an aquarium. We left one of those shark tunnels and there was another one straight ahead. So I started walking towards it and noticed a woman wearing the same shirt as me. As I approach the tunnel, I walked right into her and we both do the ‘shift left, shift right’ dance and I apologised. Then my husband comes up to me and says: “Honey that’s a mirror.”

The worst part is that my shirt had words on it, and I remember thinking how weird it was that the other woman’s shirt had the words on backwards! ­– Alice_In_Zombieland via Reddit

#2 Getting into the hot box 

“I have such a hard time remembering simple words. I asked my husband to move because I needed to use “that thing”. He says, “What thing?” To which I replied, “You know, the hot box”. He looked at me like I had grown an extra head.

“You mean, the oven?” he said. I felt like a total idiot!” – LadyMeggatron via Reddit

#3 Ice cream is the solution to everything

“I went to take a nap after putting my groceries away. A few hours later I’m heading out and I can’t find my keys for the life of me. I’m panicking because it’s my only set with a working car remote. I start crying and calling my husband telling him I’m stuck at home. Frustrated as hell and sobbing like a maniac, I go grab some ice cream from the freezer… and found my keys staring at me on the shelf.” – Rustblossom via Reddit

“Took the remote to work with me in my purse this morning. And last night, I couldn’t figure out what was burning or where all the smoke was coming from – I totally forgot I had put bread in the oven. By the time I figured it out, the bread was charcoal. “ – Monster_Pug via Reddit

#4 A cat-dog situation

“I put the yogurt in the cup cabinet, only found it when I went to get coffee an hour later. I could not find the TV remote anywhere, so I gave up, went to make lunch and found the remote in the refrigerator.

I’ve sat at an intersection waiting for a green arrow because there was a “left turn on green arrow only” sign – I was waiting to turn right. Went to buy dog food, got back to the car with only cat treats, so I had to go back into the store for the dog food.” – c8h1On4Otwo via Reddit

#5 This mum is smashing it!

“Oh man… I said “smash hands” instead of high-five, which was amusing. Last week at my doctor’s appointment, I cried while checking in because I had refried beans on my face. I was checking out and the woman asked my name and probably birth date or address, I don’t remember which, and I didn’t remember what they were when she asked. She asked me a couple of questions and I had to have her repeat herself, several times. She scheduled my next appointment and asked if I wanted a printout, and I said that would be awesome because I still wasn’t hearing anything she said. Bless her heart, she was so nice about it.

Then I walked down the hall, took the elevator downstairs, walked down another hall, and decided to stand in the Starbucks line, where the checkout woman approached me with my keys I’d left on the counter. I ended up not getting Starbucks because some people formed a second line and it was too much. There are more examples but that was a particularly derpy afternoon.” – Clara 535 via Reddit

#6 How do you do this again? 

“I went to take a shower… and couldn’t remember how to turn it on. Took me about five minutes of staring. Also, I went to the doctor’s office where they needed my phone number. I could not remember it and I had to text my hubby to get it because I couldn’t figure out any other way.” – Wynncryth via Reddit

#7 Tears of joy??

“I’ve shared this a few times recently, but it’s definitely a funny experience. There were a few times, back in the second trimester (I’m 33 weeks and already nostalgic), when something really funny would happen, or I would see something really funny, etc. and I would start laughing. Then I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. Then I’d start to cry. Then I’d start to hysterically sob and laugh AT THE SAME TIME. All my husband could do would be to rub my back and help me wait it out and give me tissues. Every time, all I could say was “This is so confusing, I’m so confused!” – Swisspea via Reddit

#8 Time to take a pregnancy test!

“Last night I was laying in bed feeling extremely nauseous. I asked my husband to get a bucket for me, and when he was gone I thought, “Oh my god, I think I might be pregnant. I feel like I’m pregnant. Once the nausea subsides, I’m going to take a pregnancy test… I can always tell when I’m pregnant. How am I going to tell my husband?”

Guys, it took a good 10 seconds before it kicked in. How did I forget that I’m pregnant at 32 weeks?!” – Dreamingtree18 via Reddit

#9 This dress has gotta go 

“Around 32 weeks, I was shopping. I put on a dress and thought it was so unflattering because it made my stomach look huge. Somehow between getting the dress from the maternity section and trying it on, I forgot I was pregnant.” – So_angry_right_now via Reddit

#10 She needs a dictionary 

“It hit me gradually over the second trimester. Misplacing common items (keys, phone) which I usually have no trouble keeping track of. Then it progressed to worse-than-usual typos and grammar errors in my work correspondence. Now I just lose whole words. I’ll read a common word and I can’t think of what it means. Or I’ll try to say a word in a sentence and it’s just gone from my vocabulary. It’s equal parts frustrating and amusing.” – BBTrack17 via Reddit

#11 Get the dang carrots! 

“I’m 15 weeks, and I started noticing it a couple weeks ago. The first time [pregnancy brain] was super obvious to me was when I went grocery shopping. I had brought a list to mark items off as I got them, but I kept forgetting to get the carrots and eventually marked them off by accident. I think I tried to get the carrots at least five times. I still don’t have carrots.

Other than that, it’s forgetting words a lot. Like, today I couldn’t remember “forklift” and had a hard time describing it as anything other than “the box lifty uppy thing”. Thankfully my fiancé is very patient with me, and finds it hilarious. – Sevothtarte via Reddit

#12 Don’t stop moving

“I experienced it quite early on much to the frustration of my husband. I’d liken it to suddenly losing a few IQ points and some short-term memory loss.

I’m usually a very organised person and good at remembering numbers, dates etc., but I’ve had to rely a lot more on routine and Google Calendar reminders to keep me going. My husband says I’m also just less self-aware when standing around getting in his way in our tiny kitchen – I seem to forget to move. Haha!” – Portugobo via Reddit

#13 Underwear gone where? 

“I forgot the security pin for my phone. It’s been the same thing for at least five years. My boyfriend had to key it in for me.

And then today after a shower I put on my underwear and then reached for my underwear to put them on, and I was very upset when I didn’t find. It took me at least a good 30 seconds of searching to realise I was already wearing them.” – Layla Smith 93 via Reddit

#14 Cancel, cancel, cancel! 

“I was at the ATM last week. I kept keying in my pin and pressing enter and my card would get spit out. I knew my pin was right and couldn’t figure out why the ATM was being a jerk – also, if I was wrong, wouldn’t they lock me out? Yeah, it turns out I was pressing “Cancel” and not “Enter”.” – Impregnantnowwhat via Reddit

#15 How does showering work again?

“I reached for the conditioner bottle in the shower, double checked it was conditioner and poured it on my hand… only to realise I hadn’t shampooed yet! Then I entirely forgot my usual shower moisturiser. It’s not like I’ve been showering for many years…”– Saphillion via Reddit

#16 Open sesame!

“I tried to unlock my car with my house key for about five solid minutes before realizing why it wasn’t working. I felt real smart.” – Nearsightedhippo via Reddit

#17 Wait, what?

“I watched three whole episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race before I realised the guy in the suit and glasses was also RuPaul. I mean… it’s not like I didn’t know what the premise of the show was…” – themutedheart via Reddit

#18 Clutching at straws

“I got into my car after not driving for a long time. The car refused to start. Tried again and again to get it to start, I was seconds away from a complete mental breakdown when I remembered I needed to engage the clutch. I’ve driven a manual car for over ten years now.” – Gingerspeak via Reddit

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