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With Halloween soon approaching, why not count down to the spooky festival by watching one of these hair-raising, kid-friendly movies each day? If you don’t want to celebrate Halloween out in the crowd, stay home and have a movie marathon!


Stranded on Earth, the gentle alien dubbed E.T. befriends 10-year-old boy, Elliott, who brings his new friend to his suburban home. Together with his brother and sister, the siblings decide to keep his existence a secret. All is well until E.T. falls ill and the family finds the special task force hot on their heels.


30 years after the beloved original franchise took the world by storm, Ghostbusters makes it long awaited return! Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts, nuclear engineer and a subway worker band together as unlikely heroes to rescue the world from otherworldly forces. 


Jinkies! Mystery Inc find themselves back in action on Spooky Island resort holiday after their acrimonious break up. After 2 years apart and a huge clash of egos, can the gang reestablish good chemistry and solve the enigma behind the island’s hauntings?


When supernatural beings come between the hidden treasure in the old mansion and a millionaire’s daughter, Dr James Harvey and his daughter Kat step in to help. Kat soon meets Casper the friendly ghost and his not so friendly uncles determined to keep their home. Who is going to win the war over the mansion, ‘fleshies’ or the ghosts?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin Prince of Halloween Town and he is sick of the same ol’ scaring routine. After discovering the cheery vibes of Christmas town, he is determined to take over Santa’s role – alas things don’t go quite as planned and an impending doom is unleashed over Christmas.  

Monster Inc

Monster’s Inc powers the city of Monstropolis with the screams of young children – oddly, the young humans scare them just as much. What happens when Sully and Mike accidentally brings a 2-year-old girl into their secret world, can the duo protect her from permanent extermination?

The Haunted Mansion

Edward Gracey has hired Jim Evers to help sell the historic Gracey Manor – under the illusion of a potential business deal, the Evers family stay in the mansion unknowing to them Mr Gracey’s true intentions. When they begin to experience ghostly encounters, the four of them learn what it takes to be a family or risk losing one of them forever.

Corpse Bride

Victor has escaped to the forest to practice his wedding vows, as he finally gets the words right, he slips the ring on a finger shaped stick that turned out to be a rotted finger belonging to a murdered girl. Now he’s engaged to a maggot-infested beauty while his living wife awaits his return.

Hotel Transylvania

After losing his wife to an angry mob, Dracula built a hidden hotel resort to raise his beloved daughter where all monsters gather without human interference. But when a boy stumbles upon the hotel and becomes his daughter’s love interest, Dracula struggles to maintain the established human-free zone and fulfil his fatherly duties.

The Addams Family

The family is overwhelmed when Gomez Addams estranged brother, Fester, shows up at the door. But when the Addams family gets evicted from their mansion, Gomez realises, ‘Fester’ was just a disguise to swindle their fortune. Can the Addams Family outwit the con artist, or is their home lost for good?


Faced with an evil threat, new born twin witches were separated and brought to another dimension only meeting on their 21st birthday where they discover magic powers and meet their biological mum. Can they master their gifts in time to defeat the same darkness that killed their birth father? 


Zach Cooper has moved towns and finds himself living next to, R.L. Stine. As the renowned author of Goosebumps, the monsters his books made famous are actually real. When Zach unintentionally unleashes them and they begin to terrorize the town, it’s suddenly up to them to put all of the monsters back where they belong.

James and the Giant Peach

James Henry Trotter is an orphan who lives with two cruel aunts. He didn’t have a single friend in the world until he meets a giant spider and other bugs who live within a giant magical peach. Together, they embark on an exciting journey to New York City.


Unlike any other board game, Jumanji literally transports you to a world of untamed jungles. Alan Parrish becomes trapped in the game for 26 years until two unsuspecting children rolled the dice again; to rescue Alan and save their hometown, they must complete the game.  


Plagued with the ability to speak to the dead, Norman is an outcast. However, when the undead arises, he becomes the unlikely hero everyone is counting on. Will Norman save his town or is it too late?


Coraline stumbles across a small door that leads to a parallel universe where everyone has buttons for eyes and everything goes her way. But the novelty doesn’t last and when Coraline refused the invitation to stay with her perfect button eyed parents forever, the ideal world fades to reveal a sinister truth.

Monster House

A group of kids discover that their neighbor’s house is alive and evil so when their baby sitter’s boyfriend gets swallowed by the haunted home, the unlikely rescue crew ventures deep in the house to unravel its mystery.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

A perfectly normal 16-year-old girl discovers her witchy background. With the help from her two aunts, she learns how to control her newly discovered powers along with a talking black cat who used to be a warlock.

Halloween Town

After learning she is a witch, Marnie Piper is immediately thrusted into a thick of the fight between good and evil. Armed with her limited knowledge of magic, she must rescue Halloween town and the mortal world from the hooded demon.

Spirited Away

10 year-old Chihiro stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned amusement park with her parents on the way to their new home. When her parents are turned into giant pigs, Chihiro must work in the supernatural realm to earn freedom for herself and her parents.

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