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So many things can happen in one day, or in one week… and before you know it, a month has already passed and you realise you haven’t been spending that much quality time with your little one. 

This 2020, spend more time bonding with your child by doing any of the following fuss-free activities that will only take 20 minutes. 

#1 Play any ball game

Make sure to get a ball the next time you go to a toy store. Kids love playing ball games—dodgeball, football, whatever gets them active. As long as you’ve got enough space at home or an open space near you, this would make for a good bonding session.

#2 Go hunting using hidden picture books

There’s a thrill in finding hidden items (as a game, that is; we know how it can be frustrating in real life) and with hidden picture books, it can easily be an adventure with your child. 

#3 Wash toy cars

Carwash can be a game in itself (and a form of training, if you think about it!). If your little boy is into collecting toy cars, spend time washing them together and acting as though those are real ones so he gets more excited by it. That also saves you time from doing this chore alone!

#4 Get creative with playdough

Relive your own childhood and get creative with your child using playdough. This will stir your child’s imagination without having to spend so much time. Challenge each other to create new shapes, animals, or objects out of playdough. You might just be moulding a great artist through this quick art session.

#5 Watch some educational YouTube videos

You can use the time to educate your child about something new and let technology help you with that. Choose educational and fun videos on YouTube suitable for your child and watch it together. Be willing to answer your little one’s questions or discuss the topic you’ve just seen as well.

#6 Go on a leisure walk

Going out doesn’t automatically mean you have to spend. Walk around your neighbourhood, observe your surroundings, and tell your child a story while walking. This brings your child closer to nature and to you. It encourages an open communication and even makes for a bit of exercise, too!

#7 Bake some goodies

Unlock this new skill in under half an hour. It doesn’t have to be complicated dishes or pastries—bake simple ones like cookies, scones, or muffins. You can then eat it together or treat the whole family to homemade desserts.

#8 Bond over painting

You’ll need a blank canvass, watercolours, paintbrushes, water, some images for inspiration and you’re good to go. If you plan on making this a regular thing, you can set themes for every activity and make an exhibit by the end of the year to show your visiting friends and family!

#9 Open a race car competition

If you’ve washed the cars (see #3), then you gotta put them to use right? Turn the house into a race track and have a friendly competition with your child. You may want to level up the game with more obstacles and put a reward on the line to make it more fun.

#10 Build fun stuff with LEGO

LEGOs won’t be that popular among kids if it doesn’t make for a great activity. You don’t have to stick to the instruction manuals. Build something new in just 20 minutes using the LEGO bricks you have and encourage your child to think outside of the box.

#11 Enjoy a hula hoop challenge 

Summon your kids and launch a hula hoop challenge—whoever dances along a hula hoop for the longest time wins. Make sure there are prizes to bring out their best moves and keep everyone on a joyful spirit. You can also film it to remember these fun times!

#12 Let them enjoy yoga 

Kids can do yoga too and you can start it at home. Clean up a space and lay your yoga mats on the floor. Show your child some basic yoga poses and ask them to imitate you. Before you know it, you’ll have a little yogi in the house. It’s also a good break from the gadgets or too much studying as yoga can help clear the mind.

#13 Stack and sort cups for fun 

You’ve seen it in party games and you can do it once in a while at home too. Cup stacking is a fun way to kill some time. All you need is a pack of cups, creative twists to the game, and these will surely keep the laughter going around your home for the next 20 minutes. 

#14 Play a fun board game

Here’s one way to keep your kids off those screens: get those board games out and start playing them with the whole family. And the benefits for your child? Critical thinking, decision making, and a whole lot of fun family time!

#15 Listen to your parent-child playlist

Music connects people and it sure does the same to parents and kids. Create a playlist with songs that bring you and your child closer together. Make sure you both enjoy listening to them and when you have the time, press play and listen. You might want to dance along too.

#16 Sweat out a bit

A quick 20-minute workout is better than no workout at all. Go for the basic exercise moves which your kid can follow—from a simple push-up, a short plank session, and some stretching. This way, you’re able to inculcate the value of fitness to your child too.

#17 Read a book

Make it a habit to turn free time into reading time. Just have a children’s book ready and open it when you have at least 20 minutes to spare. Read only a chapter or two so your child looks forward to your next reading session.

#18 Whip up a quick dish 

Some dishes are so easy to make and only take 20 minutes to create. You can create a healthy salad, an appetising sandwich, or even a pizza by simply putting toppings and sauce on a ready-made dough. The kids will surely have a blast making these dishes.

#19 Bond over drawing

Train your child’s inner artist by starting with the basic: drawing. Ask them to draw anything they can imagine: animals, plants, cartoon characters. This activity is a good start to nurturing a creative child and it does not require so much from you too: you just need a drawing pad and pencil. 

#20 Play an instrument 

Do you have a piano or guitar at home? It’s the best time to make your child fall in love with any instrument. Play an instrument in front of your kids and allow them to just listen to it. Who knows? You might be encouraging them to do the same too.

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