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Not sure when to start introducing chores to your little tots? Children start to look after themselves and are capable of small tasks from 2 years old onwards. Check out this list of chores you can teach them to do at each age.

2 Years Old

Keep their toys after using them
Pick out their own socks and shoes and wear them (or start learning to)
Throw their dirty clothes into the hamper

3 Years Old

Organise their toys neatly
Fold and keep clothes into the right compartments
Dress themselves

4 Years Old

Set the table
Wash their utensils and tableware
Use the fork, knife and spoon correctly

5 Years Old

Make their own bed
Make a simple sandwich
Pour a drink without spilling

6 – 8 Years Old

Help to cut vegetables or other food prep in the kitchen
Sweep and vacuum
Clean and polish tableware, frames and cabinets around the house

Make sure to supervise them when it’s their first time or if it involves dangerous tools! Encourage them to try again if they fail to complete a task so that they can grow into responsible and independent children.

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