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Few would disagree that the ability to swim is an important life skill to bring with you, and many would also agree that the ability to propel yourself through water with confidence is one of the greatest joys in life. As with many other life skills, swimming, when introduced to your little one at an early age, can support your child’s healthy development and growth, and also allow him to be comfortable in water at an age where the ability to stay calm in a body of water, can make the difference between life and death.

In addition to safety, swimming brings about a host of benefits like building up discipline, increasing personal confidence, promoting social skills and supporting the development of motor skills, coordination and balance. Studies have shown that children who swim display advanced cognitive and physical abilities. Swimming with your little one is also a great way to bond!

Should you send your little one for swimming classes then? The answer is a resounding yes! It is important that he gets the right guidance and you might not be able to provide adequate support. A trusted school with the right facilities, coaches and teaching pedagogy can go a long way in ensuring your little one learns the correct techniques.

Several features to look out for when choosing a swimming school are:

  • Specialised programs for babies and toddlers
    Look for schools with programs specially catered to these age groups as they would be more equipped to deal with the challenges associated. With swimming lessons for babies as young as six months old, Little Swim School’s child-centric teaching philosophy and skills curriculum can aid in your child’s healthy growth and development!

    In the Baby & Toddler swimming program for infants and toddlers between six to 42 months, your child will learn water familiarisation, breath control, simple hand paddling and leg kicking techniques, be safely submerged, and develop a sense of safety in and around the pool. These positive habits are continually built upon towards basic swimming strokes and beyond as the children get older.

  • Certified and passionate swim teachers
    A fun-loving team of swim teachers who are a passionate bunch and well led by the school’s Principal, Mr Garett Lee, ensure a committed delivery of best practice in teaching pedagogy to the students of Little Swim School. As a 20-year industry veteran and also the current swim instructor trainer for Singapore’s Swimsafer Swim Instructor program, Garett ensures that his team possess internationally recognised swim teaching qualifications, in addition to undergoing a rigorous in-house apprenticeship program for all junior teachers.
  • Facilities
    Features such as location, temperature and water treatment are some things you might want to take note of when choosing swim schools. Little Swim School’s new flagship swim centre at Westway has among the best facilities that can provide your child with a conducive environment for learning. The pool is fully indoors, salt water chlorinated (gentler on skin) and also temperature controlled! You will no longer have to worry about lesson cancellations due to inclement weather conditions, and swimming can take place with minimal UV exposure!


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Free Lessons

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How to earn the free lessons:
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Little Swim School has its flagship outlet at Westway, 27 West Coast Highway, Singapore 117867. Lessons are also conducted at Yio Chu Kang and Queenstown Swimming Complexes. Additionally, private and group lessons can be arranged for at residences and condominiums.

This post is brought to you by Little Swim School.