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3 Things You Need To Know About The Latest Primary School Mathematics Syllabus

Have you heard? The Primary School Mathematics Syllabus has been refreshed. Here’s 3 things you should know about it.


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#1 Applicable To Primary One Cohort Enrolled In 2013

As reported by TODAY and Channel NewsAsia, the refreshed Primary School Mathematics Syllabus applies to students who are in the Primary One cohort enrolled in 2013; now Primary Four.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Education (MOE) mentioned that there will be “minor” changes to the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) math paper and schools will be briefed on the format later this year.

Did you know?

MOE will review subject syllabus once every six years in order to “seek a better balance between content and skills”?


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#2 Relating Mathematics Skills to Real-Life Scenarios

The focus of the refreshed math syllabus relates mathematics skills to real-life scenarios. Teachers will use daily living examples, such as the pouring of water into a jug, to allow students learn about the concepts of estimation and volume and understand how these theories work in real-life situations.

On top of that, teachers will be given learning aids such as cubes and blocks to enhance the learning process.

“More focus has now been given to skills and competencies that will make a better 21st century learner – the process of learning becomes more important than just what is to be taught and remembered,” the ministry said.


Credit: todayonline

#3 The Use Of Technology

In order to engage our little “digital natives”, more guidance will be given to teachers on how to tap on our advancing technology. This includes making use of interactive online games to help students master the multiplication and division principles, learn through play and develop skills such as teamwork.

Other learning methods such as using rubrics or modelling will still be in use.

Check out the new Primary School Mathematics syllabus here.

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