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Children need encouragement and support to succeed in school, and there is no better source for that support than from the parents. Getting involved in your child’s education can be rewarding for both you and your child.

It is great that you want to help your child succeed in school, as well as outside of school. Here are some of the various activities that you can conduct to help your child in that journey. Remember, these techniques take both time and patience to show results – don’t expect miracles overnight.

  1. Set up a timetable for your child for after-school activities
    After-school activities should include both work and relaxation. This schedule should be created together with your child’s input, so that they have some control over it. Hence, they are more likely to take ownership of it. As a team, also decide on the consequences should they not follow the schedule. An example is by taking away or reducing a relaxation activity if they do not complete their assigned work.
  2. Create personalised worksheets and tests
    After-school work helps because you will get to see your child’s strengths and weaknesses for yourself. Identifying those strengths and weaknesses are pertinent to your child’s success. Focusing on these weak target areas early on can give your child an added advantage to ensure that they do not fall behind. Work on their strengths, as well as building on what they are already good at, as these can prove to be very effective.
  3. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
    Success comes about with a myriad of factors, and one of them is rest time. Encourage your child to pick up an activity, such as music, dance or sports, to take their mind off school. If you find your child excelling in these areas instead, do help them grow by helping them to pursue their interests. Taking time in the evening after dinner to just have a chat with your child about their day can help you understand your child better and find new ways to help them succeed.

What are some of the ways you encourage your kids? Share it with us below!