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In today’s society, the common disciplinary actions no longer instil as much fear as the past. Children are easily affected by modern pop culture and may take influence from videos seen on the internet easily. Acts of vandalism, public display of nuisance and the like go viral from day to day, so how can parents prevent your children from such negative influences? Here are 3 ways to prevent them from engaging in deviant acts:

1) Explaining Consequences

Social responsibility is something that has to be highlighted, as there is a possibility that children may ignore rules and attempt deviant acts. By explaining the various consequences of rash and inconsiderate actions, your child will be able to better understand why you are advising against it. Set some time aside to discuss when these issues come across on the television or social media, and educate them on what to do in various situations.

2) Developing Empathy

Explaining the consequences may not impact a child much if they fail to empathise with someone who might be on the receiving end of their deviant act. A great way to peak into their sense of judgement would be to share possible situations and ask what their actions would be. If their answers are not exemplary, explain why others would be affected by their actions and other possible reverberations of a deviant act, and let them discover why the should choose to the right thing.

3) Acts of Charity

Most of the time, deviant and harmful acts of mischief are carried out by children who seek attention and are perhaps left to spend too much time on their own. Besides family activities, active involvement in giving back to the society will help to shape their moral values. By spending time engaging in acts of charity together with the family, they will find that helping someone in need makes negative acts seem frivolous.

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