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You and your partner may be readying for life ahead after pregnancy or are already enjoying your status as first-time parents. If so, congratulations!

At the same time, the two of you might also be thinking (if not, feeling) the financial pressures of the road ahead. It’s important to plan and budget all the spending a bigger family unit is going to do. At this novel stage of life, you may want to consider these credit cards that will serve your different needs as new parents:

  1. For alleviating the ever-growing spending on groceries

    Welcome to parenthood where you will find yourself swamped with bags of diapers, wipes, bottles of baby powder, shampoo and soap and more! With the amount of grocery shopping you will be doing, it’s definitely worth getting a groceries credit card that gives you high rebates with supermarket spending.

    With its offer of up to 8% rebate at various supermarkets like Cold Storage, Market Place, Jasons and Giant, you won’t be wasting those trips and purchases at the supermarket with the UOB Delight Card. If you aren’t a stickler for brands, you can also rejoice at the promise of 10% discounts on over 4,000 house brands at Cold Storage, Giant and Guardian.

    Another plus point of the card is the convenience it gives new parents who are tired out by all the diaper-changing and baby fussing. No more heavy lifting of multiple shopping bags as you can get free home delivery with $150 minimum spend in a single receipt at Giant IMM, Parkway, Tampines and VivoCity.

    If you’re more of a FairPrice shopper, you would want to consider the OCBC Plus Card for 7% rebates at FairPrice stores.

  2. For discounts on getting around town and beyond

    Your family and friends might be clamouring to meet the little one. These introductory meetings give you an excuse to get out of the house and practice manoeuvring through malls and public spaces with your child.

    But first, buckle up for this useful card if you’re ferrying your partner and child to these meets in the family vehicle – the HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Card. No need to bemoan fluctuating petrol prices anymore! Charging your petrol spend to this card can alleviate the burden of fuel costs as it gives you 14% instant discounts at all Shell and Caltex stations island wide.

    As your tot grows older, you two might even brave the idea of making memories of a family vacation. This card comes in handy, too, when you can convert reward points from your spending to discounts on hotel accommodation, flights and travel packages.

  3. Rebates that keep your family company from one stage of life to another

    As you watch your child surpass one milestone after another, the ANZ Optimum World MasterCard is a great piece of supplementary plastic to have around. You can choose to receive 5% cash rebate in one of these areas – dining and leisure, travel, shopping or groceries – and change it up every quarter of the year.
    Don’t worry about losing out on other types of expenditure! You will still get to enjoy rebates in categories other than your preferred one. In fact, you will earn 1% rebate on spending in other areas, too.

    But the signature benefit of this card is exactly this strategic cash rebate system. It means you get to tailor and maximise cash rebates to whatever you seem to be spending most on in a period of time, which may change as your little bundle of joy grows up. Best of all, there is no cap to the total cash rebate you can accumulate.

  4. Cashback on everyday spending

    As your little bundle of joy grows to be… well, not so little anymore, more family outings can get added to the pipeline. As you start to spend equal amounts in dining, travel or shopping taking the family out, consider then the OCBC 365 Credit Card .

    As its name suggests, it’s a card targeted for use in your everyday routine of consumption, be it on dining (up to 6% cashback), groceries (3%), your phone bill (3%) or petrol costs (23.9%). If you’re using this card consistently, you also won’t have to fret over hitting the rather low minimum monthly spend of $600.

    Another card to consider for similar spending patterns would be the POSB Everyday Card.

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