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Developing your baby’s vestibular system is important in engaging his other systems as the vestibular system is responsible for your baby’s sense of balance and movement. Each of the vestibular organs are located deep in our ears. The organs contain fluid that shifts when we move our heads, allowing us to gain awareness of our own bodies in relation to the space around us and the positions of our heads. This allows us to maintain our balance and feel confident that our movements will not result in us ending up flat on the ground.

With a normally developed vestibular system, your baby can react to his environment with proper motor and language responses.  Here are some activities you can follow to engage your baby! 

Knee bouncing is a fun activity, and allows baby to interact positively with his caregiver. The steady bouncing rhythm also allows baby to feel the rhythm in addition to hearing the beats of the song.

This is an activity that is more suitable for toddlers who can stand and walk on their own. 

Lifting baby can be very thrilling and exciting for them and sure to bring on the giggles. Make sure to observe your baby’s reactions to see if he is uncomfortable or not. 

This article is an extension of an article found in the print edition of Singapore’s Child July Issue 177 with the headline ‘Bouncy Baby’. 

What are some methods you’ve used to ensure your child’s healthy development? Share them with us!