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Now that the baby has arrived, we know that you can’t wait to lose the baby weight – except your body is far from its original fitness levels. During the first 6 – 8 weeks after birth, your exercises should be focused on rebuilding your body’s strength, weight loss will come naturally as you adopt your duties as a new mom and keep to a healthy diet to nourish yourself and your newborn.

You have recently played host to a little human being, their weight and movement has stretched and loosened your pelvic floor muscles, urethra, vagina and anus. As such, urine leakages are a common occurrence in new mums, especially when they sneeze or cough. You may feel gassier, or in worst cases, experience fecal incontinence.

Photo credit: www.continence.org.au

Photo credit: www.continence.org.au

When you exercise, it’s important to engage the pelvic floor muscle – it feels like you’re holding in a flow of urine. It’s normal for inner thigh muscles to ache and it’s also normal to feel nothing as your nerves need time to completely heal. Here are a few gentle moves we recommend!

Back Curls

Photo credit: www.prima.co.uk

Photo credit: www.prima.co.uk

As you lie on the floor, there’s naturally a gap between your lower back and the floor. Draw your navel down to the spine so that your spine is completely flat on the ground and gently curl your bottom off the floor. Hold for 2 seconds and slowly release.

Knee Squeezes

Photo credit: www.womenshealthmag.com

Photo credit: www.womenshealthmag.com

You can do this exercise lying in supine or on your side. Some mums like to layer two pillows under the buttocks to reduce the effect of gravity on their pelvic floor muscles. Open up your hips and bring one knee towards the floor, activate the muscle and bring your knee back to its original position.

Mini Crunches

As you’re nursing, sit up right in the chair and lean back slowly. Keep your back straight and engage the pelvic floor muscles as you return to your original position. Alternatively, squeeze your knees together and lift your feet off the ground for 2 second intervals.


Photo credit: Canadian Living

Photo credit: www.canadianliving.com

Kneel down and spread your knees apart to form a 100 degrees between your legs. Engage the muscle as you slowly lift your bottom off the floor and bring it back down. You can do this while changing your baby’s diaper or during tummy time!

These exercises also prepare the muscles surrounding your vagina when you choose to resume intimacy with your hubby. Remember to take things slow and do what your body allows you to, the first two months are for recovering your muscle functions before you proceed to a more strenuous routine and regain your shapely curves!

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