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4 Reasons Why Kids Should Pick Up Yoga

Photo credit: Siddhi Yoga

If you are wondering what to do this weekend together with your little one, yoga might just be the perfect activity. In a world of busy parents, study pressures, tight schedules, unending tuition lessons and competitive sports, the bustling pace of life can take a toll on your child’s emotional and mental health. Yoga counters these pressures by teaching your child techniques for self-health, relaxation and inner fulfilment.

Here are four reasons why yoga should be the family’s brand new weekend routine:

Yoga teaches us about our body

Yoga stretches your body out, and strengthens it at the same time. Different muscle groups are targeted in different poses and this helps to build strength. Bodies that are strong digest food better and can maintain a healthy weight more easily. Additionally, balancing poses force you to focus your mind, helping to deal with attention struggles as well as increasing body awareness and coordination.

Photo credit: Today’s Parent

Photo credit: Today’s Parent

Yoga teaches us to quieten our mind

People often talk about the Zen yoga brings. Balancing a pose, or learning how to breathe helps reduce stress levels and release healthy hormones. This is because yoga often requires us to be still, and this in return gives us an intrinsic meditative strength that is innate – one that quietens our mind. When the world outside is a whirlwind, inner peace can help your child regulate his/her temper, as well as promote clarity of the mind for better absorption of information. This is good for both parent and child because it helps the both of you to relax your minds.

Photo credit: Omega Institute

Photo credit: Omega Institute

Yoga teaches us about taking care of ourselves

Practicing yoga is a form of workout albeit it being a light one. This is one of the methods that indicates self-care. Taking care of yourself by calming the mind and learning more about your body shows your child that it is a form of self-love. After all, the greatest form of love is self-love, right?

Photo credit: Yogapattaya

Photo credit: Yogapattaya

Yoga teaches us to be in control of our bodies

When a certain pose hurts or it is beyond our limits, we learn that we can modify it to fit our bodies’ strength and flexibility. This teaches us to be in control of our body. We get to recognize the body’s weaknesses and strengths, and this knowledge helps us work on what we are weaker in whilst boosting self-confidence. We then learn that we are the managers of our own bodies, and hence we have to manage it well.

The benefits of yoga for both adults and children are endless and it is a great routine to stick to. Remember to keep it fun!

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