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4 Tips for Sex During Third Trimester

Sex during the third trimester might be the furthest thing from your mind, what with worrying about baby and the impending delivery, plus feeling very undesirable because you’re the biggest you have ever been. But what happens if your spouse initiates it? Getting intimate during that period is not only safe, but when done with care, love and attention, might also be very good for you and your spouse as a couple, and can be mutually satisfying. It will be a new experience for the both of you and can add another dimension to your relationship that neither of you have ever experienced before. Here are some tips we have for you.

1) Safety issues

You are unlikely to enjoy yourself if you’re not sure how the sex would affect baby. If you’ve had an uncomplicated pregnancy, sex is safe for you and your spouse. It’s even okay for you to get creative on positions. However, if you’ve had a history of premature labour, if you have bleeding from your vagina, placenta previa (where the placenta partially or totally covers the cervix opening), or if you water has broken, sex can endanger the pregnancy.

2) Communicate 

We can’t stress enough how important this is, especially if you feel uncomfortable at any point. Guys, when she says stop, she means it.

3) Spend more time on the foreplay 

The last thing you’d want to do is turn this into a mechanical exercise of awkward and obligatory sex. Talk to each other and plan out how you want to do this. if you’re a husband reading this article (good for you!), your partner might be feeling insecure about her expanding body and it’s up to you convince her how beautiful her body looks, especially since the changes have been brought upon by the life that you both have made together. Go all out with the foreplay – start with a nice dinner, set up a cosy and safe ambiance, put on some sexy music. Don’t be shy in demonstrating exactly how beautiful you think she looks. Go slow until she’s comfortable and tells you so.

4) Best positions

Side by side and spooning positions: both positions ensure that your baby bump lies on the bed and is supported

You on top: this gives you more control on the amount of penetration you’re comfortable with

Rear-entry: support yourself on all fours on the bed as your spouse enters from behind. 

Do you have some tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!