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4 Tips to Calm Your Child

Is he having an anger fit? Is she throwing a tantrum? Are they being cranky and insisting on getting extra dessert or toys? Here are some tips for parents who want to calm your child down.

  1. Look straight into their eyes
    If their emotions are not that riled up yet, looking into their eyes will let them know that they have your full attention and usually they will stop throwing a fit.
  2. Take deep breaths together
    This is a great technique to calm both you and your child down, especially before your own emotions escalate which makes it harder to calm the child down.
  3. Count to 5
    Hold their hands and ask them to count to 5, this gives children a chance to think about their emotions and what they should do next.
  4. Share a hug
    Sometimes, they just need an endearing hug to calm their senses. Reconnect with your child while they are in your embrace.

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