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You’d think the first few months after baby arrives is the most intensive for you. But it’s the same case for your husband. While your gorgeous bundle is adjusting to her new environment, you and hubby are adjusting to your new roles – and new lives. You’re also setting up your fledgling parenting partnership. So what should you not do?

  1. Don’t Think Everything Will Be Peachy

    Most couples don’t realise it beforehand, but there is a lot to adapt to in the first months of parenthood, and even good changes like parenthood can be tiring and stressful. New situations such as feeding, settling and the involvement of new grandparents will be key points of discussion. New decisions such as: are we co-sleeping; who gets up at night with come into play. Different points of view: your parents/sister/friend did it this way – what’s his preference? How you manage these early negotiations begins to lay the foundations for your future co-parenting relationship.

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  2. Don’t Ask More Of Each Other

    One of the biggest things to plan ahead for is to take the pressure off the two of you doing and being everything. Gather your support system – family, friends and neighbours can cook and freeze meals, bring groceries, run errands or do housework.

  3. Don’t Make Any Major Commitments Now

    It’s also important to take the financial and work pressure off, too. So, don’t plan on any big purchases, career decisions or other moves at this time. You want as much stability as possible for now. You’ll both also need some sort of stress relief. What worked before baby might not afterwards, so think about some doable alternatives and build them into your day now.

  4. Don’t Forget To Praise Each Other

    Support each other in your early parenting attempts and you’ll build both confidence in yourselves as parents and in your parenting partnership as well. Feeling pride in your partner as a parent and bathing in their admiration of you is one of the often-unexpected joys of new parenthood.

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