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It’s great to have your child learn more about their roots and origins, but it is no doubt that history is a tedious subject to learn with the chunk-fulls of dry and hard facts. So here are four ways you can make their heritage journey a fun one.

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#1 Reporting, Sir!

Everyone loves a good story and we bet that you’ve got plenty of warmhearted tales about your family history that you could share with the lil ones. Amp up your story-telling game by dressing up your children in a reporter’s suit and have them interview you or even your parents; their grandparents. After all, the pioneers of our country are known to have more stories in their pockets.

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#2 Cook It Up

The way to your child’s head is through his stomach so pique their interest by introducing them to the traditional cuisines and food fares of their culture. Engage them in cooking with you in the kitchen, and along the way, drop bits and pieces of interesting bites for their hungry minds. That way, you can cook, teach, and bond, all at the same time!


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#3 Field-Trippin’

Being the fancy cosmopolitan nation that we are, Singapore boasts a stunning collection of museums, ranging from the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall to the recently opened National Gallery Singapore.

Indeed, museums are working to transform these serious places into places of wonders for the little ones. In fact, your child can now take part in [email protected] Museum of Singapore, where they can learn about Singapore’s heritage while playing and having fun!


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#4 Games & Crafts

For a more hands-on experience, rope your children in for an afternoon of fun craft! You can either make something as easy as a boat hat from newspaper or some of Singapore’s traditional games such as the feathered shuttlecock, chapteh or five stones!


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Alternatively, you can download these five new mobile games – Building the Lion, KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga, My Singapore City, Rickshaw Rush and Satay Club – specially invented by our local developers in conjunction with Singapore’s 50th birthday. This way, your children will then be able to learn about the Republic’s history and the quirks that are “uniquely Singaporean”.

And there  you have it! Our four ways on how you can make History a little more exciting for the kiddos! What do you think of our ideas? Share your thoughts with us below.