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5 Activities To Do With Kids On A Rainy Day

Plans derailed because of rainy weather? Home can be a fun play land too with the right activities to do together with your kids. Before you decide to head off to bed and catch up on sleep, here are 5 suggestions we have for you for some simple fun around the house!

Bake cookies

Everyone loves cookies, and they’re great with warm milk or tea on a rainy day! Baking together can seem like a massive undertaking to you especially when you think about all that flour and sugar getting on the floor, but we assure you, let go a little about the mess and you’ll be rewarded with a fun session with your precious little ones. Before you embark on this cooking adventure read our tips on cooking with kids here

Organise a treasure hunt

Hours of endless fun, we promise you! Let your kids choose the items to hide, get them to close their eyes, and then hide all the items at random places around the house! This is also great for when you’re really busy but your kids are pestering you to play with them – just hide the items at really difficult places and give them 15 minutes to find them while you finish up your own chores. 

Build a fort

I remember fondly the experience of building a fort together with my siblings. We’d strip our beds of our blankets and then drape them over two chairs from our dining room. It’s a great activity to do with your kids, even if the house will look like a hurricane swept through it. But you know, it’s all fun and games until your kids put up a sign that says “Adults Keep Out”. 

Have a movie marathon

Doesn’t the thought of snuggling up on the couch (or under the fort you’ve just built) and watching family movies together sound really nice? Choose a few animated cartoons or comedies, make Milo for everyone, and start your movie marathon! Here are a few movies with great lessons you should watch with your kids. 

Do fun crafts

banjo diy craft

We’ve got loads of fun downloadable activities in our ‘For The Kids’ tab in this website for hours of quiet fun with your kids. Download a word search sheet or colouring page, and print it out for everyone to do together! 

What’s your favourite thing to do with your kids at home? Share them with us in the comments below!