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Are you one of those who has to lug that heavy (smelly) diaper bag and clean up a terrible food mess after your curious toddler who is no longer  keen to use his or her bottle anymore? It’s time to make that history! Check out some things we have to lighten your parenting load.


  1. FOOD SPILLAGE? Is cleaning up the mess on your toddler’s trying tiring you or you constantly have to worry about trails of food and drink spillages lining the floors of the house (and malls)? Hack: Check out Sili Squeeze with Eeeze Spill-Proof Spout ($29.99, and fill baby food and drinks with it. And if you need to remove stains, check out the Martha Stewart’s video on removing carpet stain.
  2. ARM-BREAKING DIAPER BAG? Are your substituting your weight training by using the diaper bag for power lifting moves? Reduce diaper bag weight by using these Green Sprouts Compressed Disposable Wipes ($5.90, that expand to become soft absorbent wipes when moistened.
    Green Sprouts Compressed Disposable Wipes
  3. SOILED DIAPER? Unsure of how to contain baby’s ‘bio-hazard’ properly? Use Quickgrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags ($4.50, leading baby specialty stores and RedMart), odor neutralising bags that seal in soiled nappy stench while on-the-go.
  4. UNPLEASANT ‘BABY SMELL’? Walked into a nursing room that has a weird stench? Use Milk Baby Stinky Winky ($22.80, Luxola), a nifty odor rescue spray that is made with certified organic essential oils to keep unpleasant baby odor at bay.
    Stinky Winky Odour Deodoriser
  5. DIRTY CHANGING MATS? Unsure of what is lurking on public changing mats and trays? Use BUDS Anti-Bac Toy and Surface Cleaner ($2.30 for 30ml, made with organic tea tree oil and natural suit extracts to clean surfaces before use.

How to Remove Any Carpet Stain by Martha Stewart

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of Singapore’s Child March Issue 172 with the headline ‘Baby Hacks’ and January Issue 170 with headline ‘Baby Hygiene Hacks’.