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5 Common Misconceptions About Sunblock For Kids

  1. The higher the SPF, the better!
    Most of the time, anything over SPF50 is a marketing jargon that rarely translates to higher coverage or protection from the sun. Sunblocks between SPF30 to 50 is sufficient to prevent sun damage to the skin even for those with lighter skin tones.
  2. All sunblocks have the same ingredients!
    There is one ingredient you should definitely avoid in choosing a sunblock – oxybenzone. This chemical has androgenic and oestrogen influences and studies have found abnormalities in the hormone levels of children with high oxybenzone levels. Another ingredient to avoid is retinyl palmitate. This is a form of vitamin A that is known to cause skin sensitivities and is not needed in a sunblock.
  3. One application is enough!
    Kids tend to be very active especially when they are outdoors or having fun in the water. No matter what the label on the bottle claims, even waterproof sunblock can be easily rubbed off during play activities. It is best to re-apply every two hours to ensure that your child is protected.
  4. Spray bottles are better for use on kids!
    Using a spray bottle may cause unnecessary inhalation of the product, and the application is usually not thorough enough to protect the skin from sunburn. In the long run, this may even lead to skin abnormalities or skin cancer!
  5. The more you apply, the better!
    Sometimes, you might not have your ideal choice of sunblock, and the problem with sunblocks containing these unwanted ingredients is during application. We naturally think that a higher amount of product gives better protection, so parents and caretakers slather thick layers of sunblock onto children. Applying too much product causes excess ingredients to be absorbed by the skin – which can result in allergic reactions especially when mixed with other substances like dirt and perspiration. Remember, less is more!

Tip: Especially for babies under two years old, it is best to give them enough shade from the sun on top of baby-safe sunblock to protect their skin from harmful rays.

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