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There are many issues in parenting that we come across from day to day, and nobody has guidelines written down the back of their hands. It’s common for parents to make mistakes along your parenthood journey, but taking note of these points will certainly shape your journey and strengthen the special bond between you and your children.

Sharing/speaking of your child’s private matters with others
Kids are naturally more embarrassed by issues that may seem minuscule to us adults, and they definitely do not appreciate sharing these daily activities or perhaps unglamorous incidences with your friends, neighbours or even relatives whom they are not close to. It is important to respect their privacy so that they will continue to confide in you.

Unstable parenting
Living in a fast-paced bustling city, parents may not always have the time to discipline our children strictly, which may lead to some inconsistencies in parenting. This instability may lead to negative thoughts in children as they do not know what to expect, and may drive your child away from you emotionally.

Adults sometimes feel the need to avoid discussing certain issues with children, even if they might concern them. However, kids are really observant and perceptive, making it easy for them to sense the slightest change in tone or behaviour. It’s best to avoid telling them anything other than the truth, instead, let them know that it is something that is not easy to understand and you will share it with them later on.

Breaking promises
More often than not, we make promises to our kids in order to appease them if they are not allowed to do something or there was simply not enough time. Kids usually hold parents to their promises and look forward to whatever they were promised, so if you make a promise, it’s important to keep it. If you accidentally broke it, it’s good to apologise to them and move on, but making a habit out of it will lead to the kids disregarding your word.

Not setting a good example
The best way to get kids to listen to you is by being a good role model, so you should not do whatever you tell them not to. Going against this will cost you your integrity and children may either follow your bad examples or disregard your authority. It will also be hard to regain their trust and respect if they find out about you breaking the same rules you had set for them.

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