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Thinking of doing a newborn shoot for your little one? For parents who prefer a more DIY touch, these photography tips will help you get great images of bubba without breaking the bank.

Do it when baby’s asleep 

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There’s a reason why most (if not all) newborns are sleeping peacefully in their close-ups. To ensure cooperation from your little superstar, arrange the shoot within the first 10 days of baby’s arrival. This period is when babies are at their sleepiest —and it’s easier to pose bubba when he or she isn’t awkwardly squirming around. 

 Use contrasting space 

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Sneak peek of baby k’s nursery! • He’s sleeping so soundly in his Kaylula Sova Cot here 😍 Fell in love as soon as I saw this cot because of its unique shape and design. My fav part is the clear panels which allow me to have a clear view of him from every angle lolol (psychotic mom 🤭) As a first-time mom, I was completely clueless on what I had to prepare for my baby’s arrival, so I made a trip down to @mothercaresg at Paragon (Which I’m so thankful for) and had their nursery advisor guide me through all the things I needed. Very patiently, she walked me through each section and gave me her recommendations based on my budget/likes and dislikes, what’s most popular with majority of the customers and even reviews from other moms to help me understand better. I’m sure like myself, every mom would want the best for their child and it’s great to have an advisor in case you buy things that are redundant. I probably would’ve wasted a lot of unnecessary $$$ without the extra help 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anyway, I can’t wait to show y’all the finished look of his nursery after it’s all done up!!! Lolol, everyone in my family’s super “pan tang”/superstitious and wouldn’t allow me to conduct any renovations during my pregnancy, so I’ll only be able to get to it after my confinement 😅 @babyhood_australia #mothercaresg

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What better way to show how very little bubba really is, than by positioning them in a bigger space? Best captured in a room with natural lighting, add cute bonus points by dressing baby up in your favourite onesie or with a favourite stuffed toy by his side. 

Get in baby’s feelings 

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happy little topher zane ❤️

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Capturing photos of baby laughing and being generally adorable can take a certain amount of effort, especially for temperamental little ones. Instead of planning a photoshoot and hoping for bubba to ham it up for the camera, why not be on standby for days when your little one is in an especially giggly mood? It’ll be way easier to get the shot this way. 

Pose baby with siblings and family 

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Photographs of sweet moments between bubba and family are a great bonus for the photo album. Best captured in a room with lots of natural lighting, make sure your older child is able to safely hold on to your littlest one. Candid interactions create the most natural photos, so wait till your models have settled down and are comfortable before snapping your shots. 

Include a stuffed buddy 

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Posing baby with their first-ever pal is a great way to lull your little one into a comfortable state. Plus it helps boost the “awww” factor in the photograph, too!

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