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5 Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids

Besides dressing up and going trick-or-treating during Halloween, another part of the fun is getting crafty with the decorations for the home. Here are some fun craft ideas that you can enjoy with your little one.

#1 Playful Paper Plate Halloween Craft

Photo credit: iheartcraftythings

• Paper plate
• Black, gray and yellow paint
• Paintbrushes
• Cup for tracing
• Pencil
• Jumbo popsicle stick and normal popsicle stick
• Black and green construction paper
• Orange and tan yarn
• Googly eye sticker
• Black marker
• Scissors
• Glue
• Craft knife

Get creative with your little one with this movable craft which is influenced by a witch on her broom. Guaranteed to be a decorative piece that does more than the usual display, it is also an interesting way to keep your child occupied. The painting part of the project can get a little messy so be sure to protect the surfaces before starting. To get the entire tutorial from iheartcraftythings, click here.

#2 Felt Halloween Finger Puppets

Photo credit: One Creative Mommy

• Felt scraps
• Embroidery floss and needle
• Fabric glue
• Googly eyes stickers
• Fabric scissors
• Finger puppet template

The best kind of craft project is one that lets your child’s imagination take over. Aside from creating the usual Dracula, Frankenstein and Mummy, your child is free to create any kind of monster from their own world. Mummies, be sure to assist when it comes to sewing the puppets together. Click here to get started on One Creative Mommy’s adorable finger puppets.

#3 Clay Halloween Pins

Photo credit: Handmade Charlotte

• Mini googly eyes
• Hot glue gun
• Plain hair clips or brooch pins
• Small Halloween cookie cutters
• Oven-bake clay
• Smooth glass jar / rolling pin

Halloween decorations don’t just need to be for the home. This project lets you create cute, small, subtle, wearable pins or hair clips that can be used even after the spooky day. Parental guidance is necessary especially as it involves interaction with a hot glue gun and an oven. For the step-by-step tutorial to this creation, head over to Handmade Charlotte.

#4 DIY Bat Corner Bookmarks

Photo credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

• Black origami paper
• Black construction paper
• Googly eyes stickers
• White paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Pencil

Fun and useful even after Halloween, these bookmarks might just be the answer to encouraging your little ones to pick up a book more often than usual. It’s a simple project that parents and children can together in less than 15 minutes. Head to Easy Peasy and Fun for the full how-to!

#5 Popsicle Stick Haunted House

Photo credit: Happily Everly After

• Popsicle sticks
• Glue gun
• Scissors
• Paint
• Assorted Halloween decorations

All you’ll need are popsicle sticks, a glue gun, scissors and paint and you’re well on your way to building your very own popsicle stick haunted house. As the Halloween decorations are an additional material, it is possible to replace them once the spooky holiday has passed. Happily Everly After offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide to ensure your house turns out perfectly fuss-free.