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5 Enrichment Centres for the English Language

Are you starting to get worried about your child enrolling into school soon and lacking in language in skills? Fret not, check out this list of top enrichment centres for English in Singapore.


iCreative advocates strong partnerships between educators and parents in your child’s learning journey. They host a variety of programmes for kids starting from the age of 3.

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The Learning Lab

With classrooms built for different elements in teaching, the diverse curriculum at The Learning Lab allows children to gain further insight in the English language through engaging and enriching content. Equipped with an in-house library, the experience there nurtures a passion for English which drives children to achieve academic excellence.

Learn more about them here.

Julia Gabriel

Teaching children about English literature and speech and drama at a young age, Julia Gabriel Centre empowers students to communicate confidently through EduDrama. Their unique philosophy entails learning within a positive and enjoyable environment, inspired by educators who are passionate about children, language and the arts.

Check out their website here.

The British Council

With courses ranging from nursery, kindergarten ages to private coaching and speech and drama courses, The British Council’s programmes are designed by professional, well qualified and highly-experienced teachers who make learning English fun.

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Mindchamps uses a unique foundation model called the 3 Minds: The Learning Mind, The Champion Mind and The Creative Mind going beyond conventional wisdom to learn while actively assisting learners to understand and store concepts using innovative perspectives. This enables their student to fully explore their own potential.

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