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5 Fun Facts About Exercising

  1. Eat Spicy Food To Burn More Calories

    Eating spicy food an hour or two before that big workout can increase your metabolism rate by as much as 50 per cent. Although it is a temporary effect, it sure will help with that workout.

  2. Reduce PMS Symptoms

    Exercise releases endorphin, which also helps to reduce horrible symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) like breakouts, cramps, and lethargy.

  3. Keeps You In Shape

    Those who do not have a regular exercise regime will lose about 80 per cent of their muscle mass by the time they reach 65 years old. Yikes!

  4. As Good As Sex

    Research shows that the average sex session burns an extra 150 calories per half an hour, which is equivalent to doing low impact aerobics.

  5. Lifting Weights Is Good

    Contrary to popular belief, lifting heavy weights does not make women “bulky”. This is because women do not have as much testosterones that may catalyst that effect. In fact, the result is a sexy, lean body that many dream of.

This information was published in an article of the October 2016 issue of the Singapore’s Child.