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They may just be letters, but teaching your child the alphabet takes a whole lot of effort and engagement. You can’t just expect them to know their ABCs. You have to guide them while making the learning process fun. The key is to be hands on and have tons of patience 

To make it exciting for them, we list down some techniques you can use so they’ll learn how to use the alphabet. 

#1 Utilise creative tools

Are you familiar with an ABC mat? It’s a mat that contains all the letters of the alphabet. It’s probably one of the most useful tools you can play around with while teaching your child the letters. With an ABC mat, you can play games that will allow your child to recognise letters. Ask them to go to the letter you’ve just shown and repeat it until they remember. Or you can ask them to match the letter you’ve written on a sticky note. Other than an ABC mat, you can also use an alphabet tree or cutout photos. Always inject creativity to keep your little one engaged.

#2 Read

Reading is another great way to stimulate your child’s brain. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know how to read yet. You can read to you child and teach them about the sounds of the letters. Ask to imitate your sounds. This way, you’re hitting two birds with one stone: fostering a love for reading and teaching the alphabet. Alphabet books are also everywhere so make sure to grab one. 

#3 Sing alphabet songs and nursery rhymes

Songs are a great tool to keep your child entertained while learning. Check out some alphabet songs you can use and ask your child to sing along or imitate the sounds. YouTube channels like Eli Kids-Cartoons and Songs have playlists specifically for learning the alphabet.

#4 Inject play

Kids love to get involved if it means they get to play. Why not start a race within the family and involve other kids as well? All you have to do is to lay out some letter cards, determine which letter they have to find, and the fastest one to get there gets the point. Or create an alphabet garden—shout out a letter and kids have to be able to water them. These are just some examples of how you can marry play with learning.

#5 Include it in a hobby

Is baking a favourite activity of you and your child? The next time you bake cupcakes, ask your child to include letters as toppers either by using gum paste or sticking the topper on top. There are many ways you can incorporate the alphabet to whatever your favourite bonding activity is!

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