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Still racking your brains for what to give your sister or friend who recently had a baby? Our advice is simple: give her the gift of comfort and convenience as she nurses her child.

End your gift hunt with any of these Christmas bundles from Hegen! This year, Hegen bagged the Most Innovative Baby Feeding System in the SC Babies and Kids’ Awards, and that’s all thanks to its ideal products for expressing, storing, and feeding.

As you go through this list, all you’ll have to think about is what the mum needs at this stage of her breastfeeding journey… or maybe how to hint to your partner that this is what you want for Christmas too!


#1 Basic Starter Kit

If you know the mum has just started breastfeeding, then look no further than this perfect gift.

With feeding bottles in both 150ml/5oz and 240ml/8oz sizes, mothers can use the size most suitable for baby. This will also be a great introduction to Hegen’s ergonomic and safety features: air vents to preserve nutrients and prevent colic, elliptical-shaped silicone teat resembling a mother’s breast for easy transition between breast and bottle feeding, and off-centre teat to ensure upright feeding, which then reduces milk back-flow that can cause mid-ear complications.

The Basic Starter Kit is priced at S$65.


#2 Express Store Feed Starter Kit

Choosing this gift will be most beneficial for the new mum who may still be recovering from the delivery. The gift set includes a manual breast pump for mums to kickstart their breastfeeding journey.

The whole nursing process becomes seamless and simple. First, express milk onto the Hegen PCTO™ (Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open) Breast Milk Storage PPSU. Then, swap the pump with the breast milk storage lid, converting the bottle to an air-tight and secured storage container. When ready for use, reheat and change the lid to the feeding top.

That’s one container, different lids–minimal hassle with maximum convenience. As everything happens within a single container, wastage is minimised, making every drop count.

The Express Store Feed Starter Kit retails at S$175.


#3 Complete Starter Kit

If you’re going all out and especially if you’re gifting a very busy mum, she may need the Complete Starter Kit.

It includes feeding bottles, storage bottles, slow, medium, and fast flow teats, and even a food storage converter. Hegen not only provides ease of use, its products are also easy to clean. Featuring smooth interior surface, wide bottle opening, and of course minimal parts, cleaning is a breeze, a bliss for mums who are always on the go.

These storage containers will still prove to be highly useful even as baby grows and transitions to solid food. They remain safe to use as a snack cup to store baby food, puree, fruits, or juice.

Get the Complete Starter Kit for S$150.


#4 Triple E Collection

This set is enclosed in a functional chic box, embellished with a shade of living coral that vibrantly reflects how parents can Enjoy, Embrace, and be Empowered (3Es) in their journey with the little one. It’s the best gift for the stylish mum.

Inside are multi-tasking products that evolve with the growth of a child, accentuating the 3Es that define the positive experience of parenthood. The items include three milk bottles in 150ml, 240ml, and 330ml; milk storage lids; medium and fast flow teats; and food storage converter.

The Triple E Collection is sold for S$150.


#5 Double Electric Breast Pump

For your best gal who is new to the world of breastfeeding, give her the warmest welcome gift.

The Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump is a powered breast pump to be used by lactating mothers. Use it as both a single or double pump to express and store breast milk directly into the Hegen PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage PPSU.

Hegen’s pump is the world’s first relaxation breast pump designed for comfort and efficiency, with a unique kneading massage feature (patent pending) that helps relieve body aches and sore muscles experienced by breastfeeding mothers.  The massager creates a gentle cupping and kneading sensation to release tension from breast engorgement and helps stimulate milk supply.

Purchase the Double Electric Breast Pump for S$450.

Visit www.hegen.com for more product details.