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5 Ideas To Make Fitness Part Of The Family Routine

Tablets, mobile phones, game consoles… you name it, your child or one of their friends has it. Nowadays, kids have more access to gadgets and tech equipment that sometimes hinder them from getting active work or exercise done. This can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that poses health concerns as they grow up.

Worry not for there are activities to encourage your child to ditch the couch and get moving—and you can do them together! Here are some of them:

#1 Bond over yoga

Regain your balance and focus when you enroll at Om Shiva Yoga. They offer mum-and-kids yoga classes for as low as S$35 per class. Yoga is not only beneficial for your child’s muscle strength, but also for their overall wellbeing as it cleanses both the body and mind. Classes aren’t intimidating too so you don’t have to worry if you can’t flex enough in front of your child!

#2 Learn how to coordinate movement (while sweating it out) at a dance class

Make your sweaty sessions even more fun by enrolling at a dance class. Dancing is great not only for fitness but also for teaching your child how to coordinate body movements. It promotes agility and provides an avenue to express one’s self. Check out Stepping Out Studios for its mother-and-child dance classes. Aside from the opportunity to get fit together, their dance classes also have creative spins to it so your little one remains engaged and excited.

#3 Choose a sport

Sports aren’t just for athletic kids—it can be for anyone. Why don’t you start off with badminton and schedule a family tournament every weekend? You can even extend the invitation to your relatives. Does running a marathon appeal to you more? Be on the lookout for family races and fun runs you can join.

#4 Enroll at a gym

Want to get more serious about being fit? There are gyms in Singapore offering parent-child classes. For example, The Little Gym offers classes for youngsters aged 4 months to 3 years old and their parents. Classes are held weekly and designed to improve physical strength and motor skills while in an enjoyable environment.

#5 Bike around

Getting fit with your child does not always require enrolling at a gym or studio. If you don’t have extra bucks to shell out for weekly classes, why don’t you invest at quality bikes for you and your little tot? Biking around the city and your neighbourhood is a great exercise that’s not only cheap and convenient, it’s also environment-friendly!

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